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    Guys I just edited this rom from spaarc since I was not the first to port it like I had hoped but oh well Lol. I added a lot of tweaks and it's much faster and stable now.

    Not working: Usb tethering from settings menu.


    Any working ROM with xRecovery
    FTF bundle posted below
    THE Last two steps are only if you are not on a gingerbread rom already with baseband 71

    Pre-rooted (Superuser files pre-installed, busybox pre-installed!)
    Recovery 0.3 (fully working)
    FPS Uncap Hack
    Mobile BRAVIA Engine
    DSP Manager
    Ram Tweaks
    My Network and battery tweaks
    Zhidzhus fix for 998 mhz. (Saves battery)
    Performance increase is magnificent and rom is smooth
    SD card tweak (set at 2048 by default) you can change this value by downloading sd booster from the market and entering your own custom value.
    Audio Stutter Fix
    Native Ad blocking
    Green Icons
    Only 62 mb
    MY Second rom
    Pretty good for gaming. (Not as good as Lion's Pride but it does the job great)

    How to install this ROM?
    Reboot into xRecovery and make a back-up of your current ROM. (You'll need a working xRecovery or else it will say Device/SD Card busy).
    Wipe the following in xRecovery:
    Factory Reset (Full wipe)
    Wipe Cache Partition
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Wipe Battery Stats
    Go to install Custom Zip and choose Lion'sFury2.3.7.zip
    The following steps are only required if you don't have the new 2.3 kernel and .71 baseband, if you do have them you can reboot your phone and enjoy this ROM.
    <li>Turn off the phone by taking out your battery when ROM installation is finished<li>Open Flashtool and flash the FTF Bundle I made available for download. Press on Flash and follow the steps given to put your x10 into flashmode and flash the baseband and kernel.<li>When Flashtool is finished you can plug out the USB, turn your phone on and enjoy this ROM
    Downloads are below
    Rom http://www.mediafire...ufdfn8cbedmi46n

    Update02 http://www.mediafire...irex073yy7qu4x8

    smoother performance

    battery tweaks and an app for it

    More ads blocked.

    More ram for gaming (getting closer to pride)
    10-21-2011 06:16 PM
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    Broken Links.
    12-27-2011 11:21 AM
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    broken links mate
    04-19-2012 02:45 AM