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    Newest update includes over 198 mb ram. THE PERFECT GAMING ROM. MORE RAM THAN ANY OTHER ROM AVAILABLE.
    On the screenshot it will say 193 mb because i had to launch the 5 mb drocap service. But before it was 198. Believe it or not I even got it to 202 mb. But it was only for a second. I wish I could've taken the screenshot right then.


    That’s right guys I finally released it lol. I really love the speed of it. Check out the features below.


    Any working ROM with xRecovery
    FTF bundle posted below
    THE Last two steps are only if you are not on a gingerbread rom already with baseband 71

    Stock Sony Ericsson 2.3.3 ROM
    Pre-rooted (Superuser files pre-installed, busybox pre-installed!)
    Recovery 0.3 (fully working)
    FPS Uncap Hack
    Mobile BRAVIA Engine, xLoud
    Ram Tweaks
    My Network and battery tweaks
    Zhidzhus fix for 998 mhz. (Saves battery)
    Performance increase is magnificent and rom is smooth
    SD card tweak (set at 2048 by default) you can change this value by downloading sd booster from the market and entering your own custom value.
    Audio Stutter Fix
    Native Ad blocking
    Green Icons instead of ugly grey ones. )
    VERY LIGHT AND FAST. Optimized for hd games such as nova and dead space Battery life long enough to sustain 8 hours of gaming. Only 95 megabytes
    Made for games. Works best with doom’s kernel at 1228 mhz and performance governor.
    V03 Brings
    (Scrolling speeds increased)
    SD Tweak runs a lot faster
    More ram.
    Overall smoothness increase.
    Gaming runs a little better now.
    (Scrolling speeds increased)
    SD Tweak runs a lot faster
    More ram.
    Overall smoothness increase.
    Gaming runs a little better now.
    190 MB WIthout everything killed.
    New home screen update
    New homescreen from 2.3.4 xperia line
    New ram tweak 198 MB RAM
    Smoother scrolling tweak
    New battery saving tweaks
    New kernel enhancements
    Tweaks start faster at launch
    Faster boot up
    Very smooth scrolling tweak
    Removed some unnecessary tweaks
    Overall Faster and better performing system
    New Camera interface from 2.3.4 xperia line
    Digital clock widget
    CPU Fix Tweak (Saves Battery while keeping performance)
    And some more stuff. Lol I forgot what all I did.
    New gallery from arc
    BATTERY LIFE SAVER (added an app called powersave) Use this when playing games or using other features that drain a lot of battery.
    Replaced Xloud for a better performing dsp manager.
    A bit faster now. And enjoy. This update is for battery mostly.
    corrected gallery.
    How to install this ROM?

    Reboot into xRecovery and make a back-up of your current ROM. (You’ll need a working xRecovery or else it will say Device/SD Card busy).
    Wipe the following in xRecovery:
    Factory Reset (Full wipe)
    Wipe Cache Partition
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Wipe Battery Stats
    Go to install Custom Zip and choose Lion’sPride2.3.zip
    The following steps are only required if you don’t have the new 2.3 kernel and .71 baseband, if you do have them you can reboot your phone and enjoy this ROM.
    Turn off the phone by taking out your battery when ROM installation is finished
    Open Flashtool and flash the FTF Bundle I made available for download. Press on Flash and follow the steps given to put your x10 into flashmode and flash the baseband and kernel.
    When Flashtool is finished you can plug out the USB, turn your phone on and enjoy this ROM

    Downloads are below
    Lion's Pride 2.3.3. (The rom) http://www.mediafire...t7efotpoxqy3yvu

    Updates New rom includes all updates plus some new awesome tweaks from gingervillain rom.

    Ftf bundle http://www.mediafire...27ty6416c9nbsrk


    NEW NEW BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE AND TIMESCAPE INTEGRATION. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. (Includes timescape and all 2.3.4 features. If you flash this you will not need any of the other two add ons.) http://www.mediafire...e8u35k1f6h9sbdh

    RE ADD TIMESCAPE AND MEDIA INTEGRATION http://www.mediafire...93y266pwoj6aazq (Please do not install this when flashing the rom) Let the rom boot first then reboot into recovery and then flash this. You have been warned.
    (Recommended) UPDATE TIMESCAPE TO NEWEST ARC VERSION http://www.mediafire...6171adh8w62mo42

    Facebook inside xperia 2.0 Thanks sammy http://android.modac...side-xperia-20/

    Credits: Zhidzhu of course for bravia, fps uncap, and being himself
    Free xperia team.
    Marco Polo for XLoud
    And everyone else.
    10-21-2011 06:18 PM
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