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    Hello AC!

    Tonight at work I can to a conclusion that if I had been wrong about my assumption, it wouldve ruined my phone. However, I was right! When you get an Xperia Play it may come with a screen shield in the box BUT if you look verrrrrrry closely at your phone already (look specifically around the top of the buttons) you'll see what already looks like a screen shield. That is because it is. I found that out tonight when I took a blade and peeled it off as it was starting to on its own anyway. Recently I dropped my phone down a flight of stairs and it went face down. I was mortified to see all the scratches, but because it was a shield, my phone looks brand new again. Now, just to buy another one. lol.
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    11-22-2011 10:39 PM
  2. lowdwn169's Avatar
    i thought it looked like there was one on there already!! thanks for the verification! i almost bought one too. was going to put it right over top of the one that is on there.
    11-23-2011 07:07 PM
  3. seankrems2009's Avatar
    yeah it was nice to know bc when i had dropped my phone and it put divets on the front, it was only impacted on the shield, not the phone itself
    11-24-2011 02:43 AM
  4. ele5's Avatar
    I have bought screen protectors for my phone, but i did notice that there was a shield on it, but Screen protectors do not kill my wallet and i feel my phone is safe, worth it.
    12-23-2011 08:36 AM
  5. Trixz_D's Avatar
    I noticed this once mine got too scratched looked at corners and saw it lol
    12-27-2011 02:22 PM
  6. harryswaugerjr's Avatar
    Thanks!! Just got the phone, still looking for a manuel to help out on the apps????
    01-26-2012 04:12 PM
  7. dubberz's Avatar
    I recently replaced my touch screen and i ve jst realised from this thread tht I have two protecrors on loll cause I put a screen protecter on it to prevenrt svratches,haaahaa done well , I defintly wont gt scratches on now
    05-30-2012 05:40 PM
  8. sniktawm's Avatar
    Never realized that. Here I was thinking what a crappy screen Sony put on this phone.
    07-14-2012 06:30 PM