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    Hey guys, I have a problem. I have an xperia play, and when I try to open things like the "browser", or any game, or even the dam market, it opens for a second, then force shuts. I don't know what I did for this to happen... Last thing I did o the phone, before it stopped working, was upload videos from the phone to my computer. If anyone knows anything i could possibly do please help!

    03-06-2012 10:30 PM
  2. paxchristos's Avatar
    Worst case scenario would be to flash back to stock using one if the following, Sony Ericsson Update Service (separate from PC Companion, you can either have one or the other installed, I suggest SEUS) or flashtool, or Wotanserver.

    What are the last apps you installed?
    Are you rooted?
    Do you have an unlocked bootloader?
    Which version do you have? (R800a is generic NA(Rodgers/Canada), R800at is ATT, R800i is the European model, R800x is the Verizon model)

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    03-07-2012 06:09 AM