1. m.seif's Avatar
    I have got yesterday, an Xperia pro with Android 2.3.4 ( coming from Blackberry) , I am finding difficulties to get used to many things, so appreciate any help :
    1- Can I turn the lock screen into manual lock ? I hate it locking the screen when ever I leave the phone. I need to lock it manually only when putting it in my pocket for example. is there a way?
    2- The 5 home screen are too much for me, can I delete some?
    3- I have an email address @gmail, and it is setup on the mobile. But I do not auto receive emails ( push email), which I heard it is working form gmail on Android phones> Am I missing something?
    4- How can I prevent some email from being downloaded to my mobile ( using filters maybe !!!) , but still down load all by my laptop email client ?

    Thanks again
    07-11-2012 06:19 AM