1. gregory_opera's Avatar
    Concerned about security, I want to disable the "Face Unlock" feature of Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich")- a decision that has since been cemented in mind after discovering that Android will let me unlock my smartphone with any PIN (including nothing) if it cannot detect a face!

    Anyway, when I access the security settings in my smartphone and try to change the lock type, I'm asked for the PIN (rather than my face)... The problem is, no matter what I type in, Android will not accept it (and yes, I'm entering the same password I set)!

    Has anyone heard of this before, or know of a way to fix this issue?

    Edit: Seeing as I hadn't received an answer, I ended up wiping my smartphone and starting again... From what I can tell, the issue was purely a bug of some description, but if anyone out there has had any similar experiences or has any suggestions, it might still help someone else that comes across this problem, so post away!
    08-17-2012 05:00 PM
  2. browsingguy's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I set up face recognition just to test it out and now I can't disable it. what gives? Anyone have a solution to this short of wiping the phone? Thanks.
    01-18-2013 10:21 AM
  3. rm404's Avatar
    I was stuck on this issue also

    Faced with the stupid issue that you could bypass face unlock and type any pin to access phone

    Then you can't disable face unlock pin not recognised

    I found a way to disable the face unlock

    Instead of typing a pin when you want to disable face unlock just press the return key
    So no pin in the box and press return key (I had to disable SwiftKey keyboard as I wasn't showing he return key.
    But this allows you to turn off face unlock.
    05-02-2013 05:26 PM