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    Hi .. I recently upgraded my phone xperia mini pro SK17i 's software from GB to ICS 4.0.4 and rooted my phone.
    After rooting i installed Titanium backup and remove a few what i thought were unnecessary apps from my phone .
    I think i also deleted the google.download.manager.apk i'm not sure but i cannot see this service in my "ALL APPS" (APP Manager) Its not at the bottom or disabled its just not there.

    Since then i keep getting gapps stopped working and Google play stopped working .
    i have tried
    1. Rebooting (multiple times)
    2. Clearing cache/clearing data for Play
    3. un-installing /Re Install play
    4. Download goomanager and downloading latest gapps packed and flashed the zip
    5. Delete gmail account and restart and add account again.

    Also i don't think there is prob in Google sync...

    and checked out all the sites and forums for solution ... i still haven't gotten any solution to this.
    i saw in a few places about QtADB and new ROM..but i have abs no clue about what it is or how to go about it

    I jst want the Google download manager back and Google Play to work...
    I have downloaded a new download manager for now. But was wondering if i can get back Google download manager without have to to do a factory reset.
    07-23-2013 08:23 AM

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