1. 916x10's Avatar
    When I first got my x10, the battery life was not impressive and remained that way....Lasting just a day. I dealt with it......so the other day I upgraded to 2.1 via SEUS. I played with my phone so heavily after that it stayed on the charger..... Then I got brave and debranded and rooted it, of course dowloading lots of apps as well. I went through and removed all the oem apps I dont need/use like timescape, all the foreign language keyboards, etc., so I expected the battery life to improve as a result. I even recalibrated my battery......so the first life cycle after recalibrating went something like this.....unplugged phone from charger at 10:30pm, battery at 100%, set alarm and, hit snooze once at 6am, got up at 6:10am and looked at phone and the battery was at 30%! This seems horribly wrong, any ideas?
    06-06-2011 10:50 PM
  2. 916x10's Avatar
    Whoa! Huge difference today! After my incredible disappointment yesterday I decided to make some changes to see if I could get any better battery life........boy did I?! I got rid of the sense clock widget, replaced it with SDS clock lite, got rid of the no lock app, turned off my wifi (accidentally left it on last night) and killed all running apps right before bed.......went to bed at 100%, woke up at 94%! Thats what im talking about!
    06-07-2011 09:40 AM
  3. mediabuddy's Avatar
    When listening to lots of music, battery lasts for approximately 1.5 days.
    08-29-2011 09:47 AM