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    With the shortage of HP webOS TouchPads at a cheap price (cheap being the key as it is for my kids to play learning games and occasional Angry Birds), I have been somewhat forced to find a CHEAP Android tablet (but quality).

    I am trying to stay around the $100 mark for a 7" Android tablet...BUT also am trying to stay away from the really cheap China knock-offs too.
    I have done a bit of research and here are a couple of tablets I have found.

    I am wanting you guys opinions on these or if there is a better alternative.

    Velocity Micro Cruz T105 / T103 (not sure what the difference is between them)
    -Android 2.0 (upgradeable to 2.2 - maybe even 2.3)
    -Capacitive screen - multitouch
    -1GB storage
    -512mb RAM
    -533MHz processor
    -WiFi, 2 SD cards included
    $99 @ BestBuy

    Velocity Micro Cruz T301
    -Android 2.0 (upgradeable to 2.2 - maybe even 2.3)
    -Capacitive screen - multitouch
    -2GB storage
    -256mb RAM
    -533MHz processor - dual core i think?
    -WiFi, 2 SD cards included
    $149 @ Amazon/Tigerdirect

    Coby Kyros MID7016, MID7024
    -Android 2.2-2.3
    -Resistive Screen
    -4GB storage
    -256mb RAM
    -800MHz-1Ghz processor
    $129-$149 @ BestBuy

    I like the capacitive screen and cheaper price etc, but the slower processor worries me. Any suggestions, input, etc. I don't want to pay above this mark for a kid tablet. Coby does have a MID7022 with a capacitive screen but its $180 which is out of my budget. really wanting to stay at $100 if possible.

    These are the only ones I have found that are closest to $100 without being the cheap plastic ones that are shipped from Hong Kong and China etc with the foreign app market on it.

    11-01-2011 07:34 AM
  2. tink1cker's Avatar
    Hey, I just ordered a 7022 from Toys R Us, shipped free to my home, for $160, if that helps. Also, one of our regional retail stores here in Alabama is selling the 7015 for $99 on Black Friday. I don't know where you are in this great nation, but if you scan the Black Friday ads for your area, you might get lucky.
    Here's my inspiration for the Kyros...
    Wifey wanted to get me a nice laptop for Christmas. Sweet, huh? But you're looking at somewhere around $400 and up, right? The Kyros has the HDMI output which they push for streaming videos to your TV, SO...I visualize connecting that to my TV and using a wireless keyboard and mouse in the USB port in order to have a super CHEAP pseudo-laptop. I like the pocket portability of it, the book size of it, the capacitive screen. It's got a 1GHz processor and 2.3.
    Of course, there's no dvd player/burner or the other obvious benefits of a laptop, but my purpose is to instead of being in another room of the house on the PC, being in the living room with my family while I surf or read.
    I'm also replacing an ANCIENT Palm Zire 31 that I use as an e-reader which is about as modded as you can get, and it's still not cool!
    Hope this helps you! Just remember...Android 2.3...1GHz processor...capacitive screen...HDMI output...Kyros 7022.
    11-08-2011 02:08 PM
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    From the reviews I read the Kyros brand does not support most of the andriod market. People have mentioned that they can install it, but then apps such as Angry Birds will not play on the tablet. Is this true of the 7022 also? I am really wanting to stay with the 1GHz models and with capacitive screens. The two cheapest I have found is the Coby Kyros MID7022 and the Zenithink ZT-280 C71. Both around $150.

    Suggestions? Cheaper the better, but also not crap.
    11-10-2011 08:25 PM
  4. oresteez's Avatar
    The Velocity Cruz 7 inch tablet (I'm sorry I'm not sure of the model #) will be on sale at Radio Shack on Black Friday for $99. The ad says it regularly goes for $149.

    I know it has a capacitive screen...might be a slowish processor though...I'm thinking of giving it a try.
    11-16-2011 08:12 AM
  5. DJeremyC's Avatar
    Went ahead and bought the Amlogic Zenithink ZT-280 C71. I went to the mcbub.com site and got it for $10 off...so $129.99 shipped. Got it three days later from China, with a free case (cheap case, but one nonetheless). Thus far I am somewhat impressed with this 7" tablet.

    It had Android Market installed, and got Amazon Appstore installed. I take it that it truely has Android 2.3 on it, but hard to tell - not good at navigating android yet. Coming from a nice webOS TouchPad though, I can say I am quite spoiled with a more intuitive interface and being able to find stuff without having to dig and dig. Luckily for me this is just for some minor apps for my kids so they will leave my TouchPad alone.

    Overall, is someone is looking for a cheap tablet (couldn't find a firesale TP or just likes Android over everything else) is it not bad, probably the best cheap tablet out there. If cost is not a worry, definitely splurge and get the Galaxy Tab.

    Now just have to find a good app or technique to kill all these background apps that don't shut themselves off and draining my battery (webOS is much nicer in this aspect as once it is closed, it is gone!). Any help with this would be appreciated.
    11-21-2011 01:49 PM
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    I have an app on my Optimus V phone With Android 2.2.2 called Advanced Task Killer found at the Market for free and it is awesome. Make sure the security is set high and kill degree is set at "crazy" and that you can also set it to kill obnoxious, battery hogging apps upon screen off.
    This was such an awesome thing because these phones are notorious for eating batteries..
    Try it. I bet it will help greatly.
    04-03-2012 02:18 AM
  7. urbantreckker's Avatar
    Also: you can put a cute little green Android icon on your home screen in the Advanced Task Killer settings and just by touching the little guy he will tell yoy how many apps he killed and how much memory you now have.
    04-03-2012 02:21 AM