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    As we know,Cube is a famous digital brand in China Cube U9GT2 is the lastest product of Cube,high performance and sold well. I got one of that as a gift, and I decide to write a review of it, and this review will become sevral part,I will update the new eveyday and this is the part 1.

    Show you the box of it

    When i open the box, i found there is a mousepad, yes don't doubt about your eyes its really a mousepad!That strange!I guess that mouse pad was use to protect the touch screen, and the tablet is under the mouse pad, and the accessories is on the bottom of the box.

    except the Cube U9GT2,the accessories include usb cable、earphone、OTG cable all of them are white.

    And there is also a brown chunky flannelette bag,a cute bunny on it that bring a good protect on Cube U9GT2

    tomorrow i will post the part2 of this review!

    Need more informations you can click here
    Cube U9GT2 9.7 Inch Android 2.3 Tablet PC RK2918 1.2GHz 1GB DDR3 WIFI 3G Bluetooth LG Capacitive Touch Screen Two cameras
    12-15-2011 03:12 AM