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    Would like to start thread regarding the new Zenithink zt-280/C-91 (factory-rooted) With Android 4.0.3 with the following issue: I have the aforementioned tablet but when I use apps without an on-screen Go or Search button, such as Opera browser or 4Shared, I attemp to use the tablet's keyboard search button --only to have my search item cancelled ,or the manually entered website URL cancelled. This is such a pain because it's dramatically handicaps so many decent apps (at least for me). I hope someone can help enlighten me to the issue or,hopefully,just my ignorance. Thanks in advance.
    Answered my own NOOB question: the keyboard key that appears to be a BACK BUTTON I'd actually the real search key in such circumstances. Duh. Who would have thought?
    04-21-2012 02:01 AM