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    Hello, this device is a relatively in expensive tablet, but the hardware is fairly sound. This device use to be sold with Gingerbread as the stock rom, but is now being sold with ICS as the stock rom. I figured out how to root this device, and get full google play capabilities. The instructions are as follows:

    -----You do not have to do the following 3 steps, but they are just incase you want to try to do more customization with your tablet

    Installing SDK tools
    1. First of all you would need download the adb tools, necessary to perform most work on android, if you do not already have them. You can download them from this link if you are using a windows computer: http://dl.google.com/android/install....3-windows.exe
    2. Then when you are done downloading this file, go to this site for the instructions on how to install it: Installing the SDK | Android Developers
    3. Once you have completely installed android sdk tools, you will want to install the driver for your device.



    Start by installing the adb driver for the Nextbook 9:
    1. You can do this by plugging your Nextbook 9 into your computer using the cable that came with it.
    2. Then on the nextbook 9, you want to make sure USB Debugging is enabled. You can do this by going to settings on the nextbook 9, then to development. Then make sure there is a check mark next to USB Debugging. (Windows might complain that it was un able to install the driver software. If so, you can close the windows that popup)
    3. Next, on your computer download the file named "Nextbook 9 driver.zip" that can be found here: Nexbook 9 driver.zip
    4. Once the download is completed, go to your downloads folder, and unzip the folder named "Nextbook 9 drivers"
    5. Next, go to start, then type device manager.
    6. Then click on device manger once it shows up.
    7.0 Then it can be one of two options, once device manager loads:
    7.1 If there is a device listed with an yellow triangle, right click on it and then go to properties, then go to details, and in the drop down menu select hardware Ids, and check to see if it lists "USB\VID_2207&PID_0000&REV_0222&MI_01" and "USB\VID_2207&PID_0000&&MI_01", if not, check to see if there is another device with a yellow tringle, and check it. If none of these match then go to step 7.2:
    7.2 If you do not find your device listed with a yellow trianlge, then it has been installed as a Universial serial bus controller. Click on "Universal Serial Bus Controller" to open the devices installed in that category, and scroll to "USB Composite Devices" If there is more than one, then you have to right click on each one and go to properties, then go to details, then in drop down menu, select Hardware Ids, and find the one that lists "USB\VID_2207&PID_0000&REV_0222&MI_01" and "USB\VID_2207&PID_0000&&MI_01" as its hardware id.
    7. Now, once you have found your device in the device manager, you want to right click on it, and choose to "update driver software" then choose "browse my computer for driver software"
    8. Then click on the browse button and navigate to where you unzipped the folder called "Nextbook 9 driver" (probably in your downloads folder if you did not change it), and select the unzipped folder called "Nextbook 9 driver" then press ok.
    9. Now press next, and the driver software should install. Windows will warn you that it cannot verify the publisher of this software. Choose to "Install anyway" (I only updated the setup information, i did not create the software. I obtained this software from a post by domrad through a website called Freaktab.com. I downloaded the software from this link: Dumping ROM using ADB guide )
    10. If it does not install, start from step 1 again.

    Now you need to root your Nextbook 9:
    1. In order to root this tablet, you need to download a one step tool called "Bin4ry" yo your computer, use this link to do so: Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry…zip (4,14 MB) - uploaded.to once the page is loaded, click on the free download button, and wait for the timer to count down. then type in the capatcha, and the download should begin.
    2. Once you have finished downloading, go to your downloads folder and unzip the folder named "Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15".
    3. Make sure your nextbook 9 is still plugged into the computer (or plug it in now), and go to the settings on the nextbook 9, then go to storage, and in the upper right corner click the menu button, then click USB Computer Connection.
    4. Now on your computer, open the unzipped "Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15" folder, and double click the file called RunMe
    5. It will open a new window (a type of command prompt)
    6. Now type 1 and press enter.
    7. Now follow the instructions it will give you (such as "unlock device and press restore" or something like that, it does not get difficult, and should only take 2-5 minutes to complete. And as a warning, when it tells you to press restore on your device, all it is doing is resetting some of your settings, for example your wallpaper. It does not reset anything such as saved accounts, wifi setting, sound settings, etc. and it does not remove any applications. Also, it will reboot your device atleast twice, so do not try to do it yourself when it says "rebooting device", just wait and it will complete).
    8. When the program is done and your nextbook 9 is fully rebooted, you can close the bin4ry window.

    Installing Google Play:
    1. On your Nextbook 9, open your browser, and go to:
    2. If it asks you to save then save it. Once the download is complete, install it. This will install ES file explorer. When done installing, press done.
    3. Now on your computer, download the file named "Play For Nextbook 9.zip" that can be found here: Play For Nextbook 9.zip
    4. Once it is done downloading, go to your downloads folder, and Unzip the folder "Play For Nextbook 9" and open the unzipped folder (keep this window open)
    5. Now make sure your Nextbook 9 is still plugged into your computer (if not, then plug it in now), and turn on USB storage.
    6. Now on your computer, open my computer and navigate to your nextbooks internal storage. Make a new folder, and leave the name as "new folder", or what ever you like. Open it.
    7. Now copy everything from the unzipped "Play For Nextbook 9" folder to the "new folder" folder on your nextbook.
    8. Now eject your nextbook from your computer. Then turn off usb storage on the nextbook.
    9: FOLLOW THE NEXT STEPS CAREFULLY. Now open ES file explorer on your nextbook 9.
    10: Press the menu button (or option button as some might call it), and go to settings. Then scroll down to root settings. Put a check mark next to "Root Explorer" and a window will pop up asking to deny or grant. CHOOSE GRANT. Then put a check mark next to "up to root" and "mount file system"
    12. Now press the back button twice.
    13. Open the folder named "sdcard" then find the "new folder" folder or what ever you had named it and open it (if you can't find it there, press the back button once, and go to the folder named "external_sd" and look there).
    14. Now at the top off the screen there is a options bar, with options such as "favorite" "select" "search" etc. Press the "select" option.
    15. Now tap each of the files in the "new folder" folder once, so that each one's font has turned green.
    16. Now on the options bar press "copy"
    17. Now press the back button three times.
    18. Now open the folder called "system" then open the folder called "app"
    19. Now on the options bar press "paste"
    20. Once it has finished (should take about 10 seconds) press the home button and restart your nextbook 9. When it loads YOU WILL HAVE GOOGLE PLAY. (may take a minute for it to show up)
    21. Open google play and setup your account.


    Oh yeah, and one more thing: if you already have facebook, facebook messenger, or youtube installed before you follow these steps, once you have google play installed they will keep force closing and will not work. All you have to do is un install them, and reinstall them through Google Play and they will work. Simple as that.

    Good Luck to all who follow my steps.

    11-12-2012 01:41 PM
  2. eegorr's Avatar
    Interesting... do you know if this will work for a Nextbook Premium 8 SE (NEXT8P12)?

    What version of Android OS does this procedure work with, or does it matter?

    Is the process reversible?


    UPDATE: When I followed your link to download "Play for Nextbook 9" from mediafire, it says either the link is invalid or the file has been deleted. Can you upload it again and let me know?
    11-28-2012 01:11 PM
  3. kyra maharaj's Avatar
    The Play for Nextbook 9 Zip is not longer there.... is there anything else i can use?
    12-02-2012 07:28 PM
  4. Chris Miller5's Avatar
    I'm getting a message when I try to download something from the amazon apps store. It tells me that I already own it and to find it in the Apps Library. Where is the apps library???? I do not see this anywhere. The item is skype and I already went through amazon's site to get it - so it says I already purchased the free app.
    12-29-2012 06:48 PM
  5. power5's Avatar
    Top right corner usually has a few dots in a rectangle. That should take you to your app library, and widgets library.
    01-03-2013 10:32 AM
  6. bal2nis's Avatar
    I tried on the Premium 7 se, but it did not work The app just shuts down.
    01-08-2013 04:56 PM
  7. bomberest's Avatar
    Need ROM for nextbook 9 premium. PLEASE!
    04-21-2013 05:12 PM

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