1. UnknownVT's Avatar
    Hi I'm new to tablets but have owned an Android phone for some time -
    I am looking for some advice on 7" Android tablets with 1280x800 IPS screen

    On my short list for now are:

    Cube U21GT (4.1) 16GB -
    Rockchip RK3066, 1.6GHz, Cortex A9 dual core; GPU: Mali 400 MP4 4 cores - NO Bluetooth.

    PiPo U1 Pro 16GB -
    Rockchip 3066 Cortex A9,1.6GHz,Dual-core CPU+Quad-core GPU Mali 400 MP4 - Bluetooth 2.1

    I am also considering - because of the reputation of the AML8726-M6 compatibility with XBMC -
    Ainol Novo 7 Fire 16GB (even though it is still Android 4.0.4 - can it be upgraded to 4.1?)
    Dual Core AMLogic AML8726-M6 1.5GHz + GPU: Dual Core Mali 400*2 3D - Bluetooth 2.1

    There other new offerings using quad-core processors but I had been advised to avoid models using the GC1000 GPU
    ref: starting with Post #4 of Ainol's Quad Core ERA..
    and this article

    Thanks for any help,

    02-18-2013 02:25 PM
  2. Nettie83's Avatar
    Hi there, Vincent!

    Just bought a china tablet named 'IFive Mini2' last week and it is awesome! Light and very clear graphics!
    It has 1280x800 IPS screen, RK 3066, Jelly Bean OS. With bluetooth, dual x quad core. You can check it out.
    04-21-2013 10:42 PM

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