1. t3dfish's Avatar
    I am using a Motorola S305 bluetooth headset with my Hisense Sero 7 pro. When listening to music it cuts in and out all the time. It doesn't stop after a few times. It just keeps cutting out. I did some of my own testing and noticed that it only cuts in and out when the screen goes to sleep. I thought it could be the live wallpaper I had so I turned it off and the issue has not gone away.
    Anyone else having these issues or know what the issue could be?

    Upon searching the internet I found that a lot of people where having this issue with JB 4.2.1 on thier tablet/phone. Once they upgraded to JB 4.2.2 the problem went away. The problem also went away when they downgraded to JB 4.1.2. This is gonna suck if Hisense doesn't bother with releasing the update for their tablets.

    Sent an email to Customer support at Hisense and this is the response:
    At this time we have not gotten any word from R&D regarding updates to the tablet. If and when they will be available is beyond me and we usually get the run-around from them when something like this comes up. If you are still within your 15 day window to return it with Walmart I would go ahead and do so since the tablet is not capable of holding a steady Bluetooth connection.

    I'll be returning the tablet to Walmart. Product support is very important for me.

    I hope this helps anyone in making a decision of purchasing this tablet.
    07-16-2013 01:08 PM
  2. hopefulfarm's Avatar
    Interesting. I haven't used anything BT with mine so I can't comment. I don't foresee me using BT with this tablet either. Certainly sounds like a possible reason to root & rom the Pro.
    07-24-2013 02:19 PM
  3. uaggrav8me's Avatar
    I have experienced the same issue with my Sero 7 pro -- every time the screen turns off, the bluetooth becomes very jittery. As soon as I turn the screen on, everything is back to normal. It's like the system is trying to conserve power and sacrifices the bluetooth streaming in the process. Anyone have a fix/suggestion to correct this yet?

    FYI -- I thought it might have to do with the Power Saving Settings, but it doesn't make any difference no matter whether I set it to 'Performance', 'Balanced' or 'Power Save'.
    08-23-2013 05:29 PM
  4. CapWinder's Avatar
    I have the same setup also, Sero 7 Pro with the GREAT Motorola S305 headphones. Fantastic sound at a great price. But, the bug in Android 4.2.1 BT was driving me nuts! Same problem as you. Make no mistake, it is 4.2.1 that is the problem. I Also have a Samsung Exhibit phone with 4.1.2 and it has no problems at all. However, the other members have stumbled upon a partial fix. I'm testing it and it seems to work. The problem IS related to the screen sleeping. I had mine going blank after 2 min and after 2.5 min the dropouts would start. I reset it to 30 min ( the max) and have had NO dropouts since. A drop with BT is not uncommon, but mine would go in and out so often that it was unusable when the screen went blank. I have read everything on the web and this is the only thing that squashed this nasty bug. Power Saving settings did nothing, nor did WiFi settings or turning off NFC or Sync. And after 30 min of music I'm ready for a break.
    08-30-2014 12:15 AM
  5. sbdevel's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. But what a shame to waste battery life to solve it. Has anyone successfully (and relatively safely) upgraded to 4.2.1?
    10-04-2014 10:56 AM

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