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    So I recently bought a Pyle 9" PTBL9C off of Woot when they had a sale a while back, after having it for a couple of weeks I accidentally dropped it, it fell on its face and the screen cracked.
    The crack was so bad that the tablet did not recognize any touches on the lower half and the upper left corner.
    After a bit I found the right replacement digitizer for it and got it installed according to some guides I found on the internet, the first time I applied it wrong and it didn't recognize any touches, then I removed it following the guide again and set it back into it properly, now it interprets any touches/taps/swipes as being about an inch lower than where it is actually being touched.

    I remember reading somewhere that some tablets did this when you replace the digitizer due to the default settings not calibrating, and there was a file somewhere in the root system files that you could edit it to interpret the touches differently ( eg. make it see the touches an inch higher so that it recognizes it normally)
    It recognizes touches everywhere except the bottom inch of the screen, which I'm guessing is because it sees the touches as not even being on the screen somehow.

    I'm running 4.0.4 so if I need to root it to change some files I'd appreciate a link to a guide/app that I can use to root the device.

    Thank you in advance, sincerely -Evercroft

    I'm assuming this is the correct board to post this on, this is my first post on the site so if this is the wrong board just tell me and I'd be happy to delete the thread and re post it in the correct location.
    01-29-2014 10:30 PM

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