09-01-2019 12:21 PM
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  1. mrboxingfan's Avatar
    um i was looking into the boot loop and maybe try to erase the cashe partition while doing a factory reset
    "i got mine to work ! Just keep doing it and let it get and internet connection. Then it will do firmware update and then it will do it again. Just keep factory reseting and rebooting till it comes on and give it some time. I think it gets lost in updates.

    02-24-2018 01:49 AM
  2. Eldude350's Avatar
    Let me tell you what I did, and it worked!. Once opened, instead of typing your username, type in weert. next, hold your finger on the word weert, and this will take you to where you can access accounts. There, go into guest, open your browser, and simply make another account for google mail. Then, open up google mail on a computer, make the same acct there, then press sync. Now you should be able to use your rca tablet, after regestering again with |Microsoft login, Voila, all is good again. This worked for me, after looking for 15 months to get into this tablet! Good Luck!
    03-22-2018 05:42 AM
  3. Trevor Knapp's Avatar
    I am having the same problem. I did find this, but it didnt work right for me. Maybe you will have more luck.

    How to hard reset rca tablet model RCT6378W2? - Need to hard reset rca tablet ive tried everything! :: Ask Me Fast
    You can perform a hard reset on your tablet 2 ways. The first is by going into Settings>backup and reset and choosing the Factory Data Reset option.
    If you are stuck at the startup screen or a password/pattern screen and cannot boot into the system, you will need to use method 2, which is booting into recovery mode. Have the tablet powered off first and make sure you have more than 50% charge on the battery. Boot into recovery mode by pressing and holding the volume up and power buttons. At the RCA logo screen, let go of the volume up button and you should next see an android image. Press and hold the power button and tap the volume up button once more and you will be brought to the recovery mode menu. From here, you will need to use your volume up and down buttons to scroll and navigate to the wipe data/factory reset option and use the power button to confirm. When the process is done, go ahead and reboot and your tablet will be set to factory original settings.

    Let me know if it works for any of you. For me, I followed the directions but nothing happened, it was just stuck at the android menu. I turned it off. Now when I hold the 2 buttons it just flashes white quickly and the menu wont come up anymore.
    I found if you insert a SD card in device when it comes to the Google sign in page it takes you to where you can get into settings options and you can change a few options in device or type in random keys at sign in and then press and hold for copy paste options and it gives assist option to where you can download stiff like quickshortcutmaker
    09-01-2019 12:21 PM
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