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    Chinese famous company Bmorn are releasing another Android-sans-WiFi-PMP, the BM-790: gindart.com/buy/bm790-android-21-mid-5-touch-screen-8gb-widget-gsencor-tablet-p-1756.html

    with what they term a widget system which just looks like fairly simplistic usage of the Android OS. I hesitate to compare it to the widget system of the Window G89, for instance. At any rate, the BM-790 looks to be an MP4 (theyre calling it MP5) player with the Android OS, likely to be pre-loaded with third party apps and games. It doesnt look as if there will be WiFi, though that isnt 100% confirmed yet, but certainly implicated that theyre not calling it an MID. Not much is known about what kind of hardware it uses will Bmorn follow suite with the RK2816 PMPs weve already seen as of late?
    12-02-2010 11:22 PM