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    I've considered Solavei at one point. Question though: do they hit you with an activation fee if you're only interested in the phone service itself? I'm kinda unclear on that. Thanks!
    They way they have worded this is my biggest complaint about them... The short answer is (unless they have changed something) no.

    This is how it went for my husband who signed up less than a month ago. To the best of my knowledge it still works this way. When you "enroll" you buy the sim, and you pay for the first month. You then have 30 days to activate. When you activate your sim, there's no charge and the starting date for your month resets.

    When you enroll they take you to a next step of becoming a "social member". This is optional if you just want service (mandatory if you want to sign others up. I think they also take you there the first time you sign in.)

    If at a later date you want to sign people up there's an option to "Become a Social Member" from your account. There's no charge for this. There's no difference in cost or service. I am a social member. My husband is not. The difference is I have an affiliate link and the opportunity to be paid, he doesn't.

    They don't add taxes to the first month which I find strange, but they do add them to the subsequent months.

    Please let me know if I haven't explained this well. I can't guarantee anything, that's just how it worked for us.

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    02-06-2013 07:50 PM
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