1. kennethsnyder's Avatar
    I am using Straight Talk T-Mobile.

    I am able to send MMS Text Messages with Pictures
    But I am unable to receive any.
    I am able to send myself a MMS Message with a picture

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a GT-N7105 using T-Mobile from Straight Talk

    I have LTE off... Using GSM/WCDMA and NOT Wi-Fi.
    07-22-2013 04:12 PM
  2. clavodulce16's Avatar
    MAke sure you have the correct APN - I noticed the stock Messaging apps works just fine, however when using any other messaging app you can encounter issue. I do not like the stock messaging app so i'm using GO SMS PRO which allows you to enter manual APN for sending and receiving MMS & SMS.
    Here are my APN settings.

    07-23-2013 08:31 PM
  3. smokinHawk's Avatar
    I am trying to send pictures on my GN2, I am able to receive i think, just not send
    08-19-2013 12:00 PM

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