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    So I bought my S6 in full on Cricket back when it came out and with the new 5.1.1 update coming to the S6 for AT&T releasing soon. I was wondering if the Cricket version will get the update at the same time.

    I'm still on 5.0.2. I would like to have the latest Android version whenever I can. I didn't pay $700+ for an outdated phone. And coming from having 4 Nexus devices I like having the latest update.

    PS: I don't like the Nexus 6 and my Nexus 5's battery is just bad so I will be sticking with the S6 for now.
    07-01-2015 11:46 AM
  2. John-Smith's Avatar
    Almost 1000 views and not 1 reply..
    09-27-2015 03:54 PM
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    I would suggest googling it. I'm not sure how they work, I am on cricket but I'm rooted therefore do not receive the official updated stock. I've been running a 5.1.1 rom for a couple months now tho. Best bet is to check with att on it.

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    10-15-2015 04:48 AM

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