1. Gothamknight18's Avatar
    SO!I have been looking around the internet for a while now and when I go to type something in about this phone I just web posts and videos reviewing this phone and how it's now under Virgin Mobile's market. I know there are not many developers out there for this phone, or if there are any out there. But I also noticed a lack of support and forums for this phone. But considering not all of us are smart with development for phones and just follow instructions on replacing the roms and images. (no, sadly I can't develop, and I DO have to follow instructions still.) So I thought that this forum post, a meager post on just one forum, could help those like me. The ones who need help with this phone.
    ....for starters like, why the heck is my phone showing no boot animation or home screen after the android logo, the one on boot up? But I can get into recovery and see everything, along with the powered down charging screen?
    11-05-2013 01:48 PM
  2. mthorn79's Avatar
    Glad to see at least one forum for the Supreme out here. I've been with Virgin for about 3 years now & had many different phones with them, the GSIII to be my last. I just upgraded to the Galaxy Victory because it was cheaper than my GSIII which I gave to my wife then saw the Supreme for 20 bucks less than the Victory the day after so I switched and boy am I glad I did. First off the phone right out of the box looks like a Nexus device to me & with the Vanilla Android experience it reminds me of Nexus even more. This phone is awesome & I had forgotten what true Android was supposed to look like using Samsung devices for awhile. I'm really surprised this phone doesn't have more support, its great!

    Any annoyances, besides that boot logo, you've noticed?
    11-06-2013 04:10 PM
  3. NerdFlix Podcast's Avatar
    I just got the Virgin Supreme and now my screen doesn't automatically turn off after any length of time. I have it set to sleep after 15 seconds. It goes dim, but then it just stays dim forever. I can press the power button and force it to turn off, but that's a pain. I'm afraid if I forget to do the power button thing occasionally then I'll find that my battery is dead when I need to use the phone.

    edit: I posted too soon. A restart seems to have fixed it. Should've tried that first, duh. Sorry.
    12-10-2013 03:10 PM

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