1. charisis theodoros's Avatar
    Hallo, i have a problem.I have a new zte v967s . At the very first day i opened it, everything was good exept the call receiver. When i was calling me from another device , i was seeing on zte the message that the process android.phone. could not work. I tried to upgrade it after i had downloaded the (South Korea V967S SD card upgrading instruction & software package(DMBIT)-232250B0444DIS-KR-TB1S-P188F07V1.0.0) via the update menu of my phone. It found the zip folder, i continued.
    It never booted. It starts with tho logo which lights for a while , then it turns off, then it starts all over again and again every few seconds.
    Any hope?
    01-25-2014 03:55 PM

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