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    Just got the phone today haven't dropped it or done anything but put it in my pocket now when I got the phone all the sounds was working and all I got to a friends house and started listening to music on youtube just listened to a couple songs then I put it back in my pocket and 5 mins later put it on my charger about 20-25 mins later I went to listen to pandora on the phone and there's was no sounds when I was using the keyboard and and selecting the pandora station didn't even think about not hearing those sounds then the music started playing but there was no sound so thought well maybe it's just pandora being difficult so I tried my music player on the phone nothing my videos on my phone that I recorded and downloaded...nothing so I tried the usual turn the phone off and take the battery out and I waited a full min before I put it all back in and turned it on didn't hear the start-up sound even then I didn't think about that and tried my music again and the same thing so I thought maybe do a factory reset and that'll fix it.....nope still wasn't working now when people call me I can hear them and talk to them but to hear anything else I need headphones plugged in to hear it(music,keyboard sounds,phone lock noise,etc..). I've tried plugging headphones in then taking them out a few time too even see if maybe it was just stuck in headphone mode but that doesn't seem to be the problem either....what could be causing this and/or how could I fix this problem? Please help
    05-22-2014 01:18 AM

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