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    Ok, I could not figure how to register and all that. So I have had this same issue following 2 events. Got a Kindle and was setting it up, and while doing that downloaded some updates on my phone. Ended up going back to default on the Kindle since I had not really done anything yet, hoping that would correct the issue on the phone. NOT! Talked to 4 techs, no help. I'm reading all the posts. So here is what apparently occured cause I fixed it! Only 20 hours of screaming at the damn phone! Went to my settings, that little gear looking thing. Under Device there is an apps function. Click. At the top you see download,and other functions if you push to the left with your finger. The very last is disabled! THERE IT WAS! My keyboard had apparently gotten disabled when I downloaded the new updates. Just clicked it and enabled it, went to my messeaging and messenger, and bingo, got my keyboard BACK! Still have the little mic in the corner so I can use it if I choose. Hope this helps somebody. Wasted an entire day of my life that I will never get back cause some jerk did not do his job correctly. UGH!
    07-20-2016 05:55 PM

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