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    I currently own the ZTE Zmax Pro. After intensive researching, I found out the Zmax Pro is better than the Blade Z Max, although it's older. Here are the pros and cons:

    Blade Z Max

    - Bigger battery (4000 vs. 3400 mAh)
    - Faster charging
    - Dual camera effects (bokeh and monochrome)
    - Android 7.1, slightly nicer, closer to stock Android
    - Nicer looking design on the back

    - Slower Snapdragon 435 CPU vs. 617 on the Zmax Pro
    - FM Radio not working or crashing
    - Photo quality in low light is worse than the Zmax Pro
    - Dual camera is supposedly fake and 2nd lens not actually useable and it's really all software
    - Microphone quality is horrible, sounds very cheap compared to the Zmax Pro (hear for yourself)
    - Loud speaker is worse than Zmax Pro
    - Cheap Chinese brand Asahi glass compared to Gorilla Glass 3 on Zmax Pro
    - LCD display looks washed out compared to the Zmax Pro (yellowish tint)

    Zmax Pro

    - Faster Snapdragon 617 cpu
    - Better low-light performance compared to Blade Z Max
    - Shutter speed control in manual mode (disabled on Blade Z Max), MUCH better low light especially with shutter control + tripod
    - Apparently the Zmax Pro has SLO-MO video while the Blade Z Max no longer has it (not 100% sure but someone pointed this out)
    - Microphone recording is very good, sounds as good as a flagship
    - Costs cheaper since it's last year's
    - IPS LCD display looks MUCH better when compared next to the Blade Z Max, definitely whiter whites and better color reproduction

    - Smaller battery
    - UI is older, not 100% stock Android but very close
    - Back design looks very plain, an old design
    - Slower charging (but still has Quick Charge 2.0)

    Overall, the Blade Z Max has a bigger battery but a slightly slower processor and horrible low light camera and extremely terrible microphone. The Zmax Pro has a better low light camera and more manual controls for the camera including slo-mo video. If you're considering upgrading, you should consider these factors. Do you have the Blade Z Max? Let me know your thoughts. I've been thinking about buying it but after reaching, I'm having second thoughts. Seems like ZTE is trying to cut corners, the Zmax Pro was an awesome device at a very attractive price, definitely expected a bit of an upgrade at least. Still love my Zmax Pro, it still rocks!
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    12-04-2017 01:06 AM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Still have my Zmax Pro as my backup phone.

    The Blade seems to get laggy according to some other forums. My Pro never gets laggy.
    01-30-2018 07:23 PM
  3. shadow puppet's Avatar
    there's various issues with the blade zMAX hopefully ZTE can fix some of them but not everyone has the same issues with the exception of it being very laggy
    02-11-2018 03:10 PM
  4. geagle63's Avatar
    my experience with the camera on the z max and the pro we're quite the opposite. the z max took much better photos than the pro in low light. and so far I've had no problems with lag.
    03-07-2018 09:44 PM
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    Look at that yellowish tint on the Blade Z Max. Seems like they decided to use a cheaper brand LCD this time.

    ZTE Blade Z Max VS. Zmax Pro-screenshot_20180406-093346.png

    YouTube comparison shows the Zmax Pro opening apps faster than the Blade Z Max:

    04-06-2018 11:36 AM
  6. flyingkytez's Avatar
    Not saying the Blade Z Max is a bad phone, only that they downgraded and used cheaper parts. The camera is much slower on the Blade Z Max when comparing to the Zmax Pro, there is a delay when you snap a photo.. on the Zmax Pro the camera will take a photo instantly. The Zmax Pro pictures look a little better, more warmer and more contrast with better colors. The Blade Z Max display looks similar but slightly cheaper and washed out, there is definitely more of a yellowish tint compared to the Zmax Pro. From my understanding the Blade Z Max uses a horrible mic for recording, it really sounds like a cheap phone mic, while the Zmax Pro's mic sounds much clearer and more likee flagship quality. The Blade Z Max no longer has Gorilla Glass 3 like the Zmax Pro.. it uses a Chinese made Asahi Dragontail glass which scratches much easier. It also seems like the Zmax Pro is thinner since the battery is smaller. Seemed like ZTE dropped the ball on this one, might be the last ZTE phone I get if they continue to go the cheap route. The Zmax Pro is indeed an excellent mid-range device that proved itself, still beating some mid-rangers that were released a year or two later, most of them with an inferior screen size and Snapdragon 4xx processor (Zmax Pro has the Snapdragon 617 which is an excellent CPU).
    05-14-2018 09:31 AM

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