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    Hi everyone,

    Shadow Light - The Power of the Dark [DEMO] is now in the OUYA store!
    Here are some HD screenshots.

    Tell us what you think. If you like the demo you can support us on kickstarter (which is not yet up)

    The trailer is coming soon!
    As wel as the story, but here's a sneak peak (Translated from dutch):
    I rushed down the mountain and panting I wiped my sweaty forehead . It was a cold afternoon. The sun was trying to break through but with little success . My snowboard left a clear trail in the sticky blanket of just fallen snow. I had a long brown coat, which had worn off because of the rain, the snow and the wind. It seemed darker than it used to be. My wild , partly wet hair was hidden under a tight kapuchon. Sara ,a pixie I met, flew behind me . She was less than a meter away from me , but she flew two feet above my head so that her wings , which each were a meter wide, couldnt touch me. The men who just seemed silhouettes by the blinding color of the snow, ​​came after me. However, in reality they was the terrible creatures that were after me and Sara. We called them the "nightlings".

    Move - Left Control Stick
    Run - U
    Jump - O

    Website: cone entertainment (Here you can download the apk as well)
    Download just go to the OUYA store!
    09-07-2013 02:20 PM

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