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    The 2.0 beta for Pebble has been out for a while, but it and a number of critical apps have now been upgraded (all beta) that makes the smartwatch feel, well smarter. Notifications are more informative, responsiveness from my phone are more predictable and reliable, and I find the entire experience closer to what I expected it to be when I bought the Pebble in August. As the Pebble, at this point, is not a critical device to my life (like my smartphone), the occasional crash or hang up (very few actually) have not been a bother.

    Here is what works for me:

    1. Pebble v2.0 beta app and firmware (https://developer.getpebble.com/2/getting-started/)
    2. Glance 2.0 beta -- looks good, weather app is fast and accurate, reports battery level, calendar, lets you review SMS and respond to SMS sender with 6 pre-defined messages
    3. Notifications Center for Pebble 2.0 beta -- Takes Pebble Notifier code and enhances it with email subject text (for Touchdown and Mail), takes control of all notifications allow you to remove options from Pebble App and reduce duplication and pesters you until you press a button (not always good).

    In addition, some old 1.0 standards (can an app be a standard in only four months?) have been updated to 2.0:
    4. Pebble Tasker
    5. Simply Alarm Holo
    6. Music Boss
    7. WatchNote (still playing with this one, but it works with Evernote which is nice)

    Lastly, if I ever get 4.3+ on my phone (HTC Droid DNA which just got 4.2.2), I should be able to use the feature in Notification Center to delete notifications from my watch, saving me from having to do it again on my phone.

    Let me know what you are doing to make the Pebble more useful.


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    12-08-2013 04:10 PM

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