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    So I have been waiting for what seems an age for a decent slider to arrive in Britain, and I am perpetually disappointed. The last decent slider was the desire z, but I'm not a huge fan of the hinge, or the screen size. I'd have preferred something closer to the epic. It seems if I wait here I'll never get a cutting edge slider, but in the US you seem spoilt for choice. So if I was importing a slider from the states, which is the best, and is there anything I need to watch out for, apart from the antenna bands. AFAIK there are only a couple to look at, but if I've missed some, please do tell me:

    Mytouch4g slide: The obvious choice, since it is dual core and on a gsm carrier. As I've said, I'm not exactly sold on the screen size, but I could compromise since it is better than the desire z (and doesn't have that weird hinge).

    Droid 3: I know this is on Verizon, but would the global roaming allow me to use it on my British carrier of choice. Also, would it cause problems if it doesn't have a VZW account (for updates, or would it have an error message come up all the time). I quite like the 5th keyboard row with the numbers.

    Rumored galaxy s2 slider on at&t: I don't know when this is actually out, but presumably when it is out I can get it unlocked and use it. By the sound of it, this isn't out for a while though.

    I have a friend travelling to America and he is leaving on the first of september, so if there was a good phone to get he can pick one up for me. Actually, how hard is it to buy a phone unlocked in the US (I know it's pretty easy here) from what I gather it is not very common.
    08-08-2011 12:56 PM
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    I've been looking at the pending release of the

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro

    What do you recon?
    08-20-2011 05:06 AM
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    It does look quite nice, I do like the design of the xperia pro. But I don't know much about the quality, never having used one. It'll probably be quite slick, and but I just wonder how long those specs. Will be good. I just want something that won't be old in a year, and which may happen if android becomes very dual core oriented.
    08-20-2011 07:51 AM

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