1. innoBy's Avatar
    I am hanging on the fence with my new phone.

    I am upgrading from an iPhone 3gs, and Android has finally come of its own.

    So here's my conundrum:

    While the LG Thrill was the price leader I was going to stick with it, however the Samsung Infuse is being offered as a refurb for $10 cheaper than the Thrill. The new price differential between the two was $100. So here are my questions, does the Infuse merit that kind of price over the Thrill? Does the Thrill really have the only dual channel mobo on the phone market right now? If so does this dual channel give it any sort of performance edge over the bionic or the Atrix?

    I'm not asking for you guys to make my decision for me, however reasoned opinions will be noted and considered.
    09-17-2011 01:54 AM