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    Hey guys,

    I'm interested in upgrading to the Note 2 and usually purchased phones from Best Buy Mobile in the past. I like that Best Buy gives me the 14 day( stupid ATT lowering the return period) trial period without the $35 restocking fee. I used it before with the galaxy s3 and would like the option again with the note 2, seeing as how it would be radically different than any phone I used prior and would like to really give it a test run.

    Unfortunately, all nearby Best Buy's are out of stock or have no idea what's going on. And while corporate stores have them in, I'm not willing to buy from them. My girlfriend took me to ABT Electronics today to check out ipads and on the off chance I asked them about the Note 2 and they had one left in stock. I didn't have time to go through the upgrade process so she's holding it for me tomorrow.

    I asked her about restocking fees which she said ABT does not have. She also made no mention of ETF fees other than the service provider or additional contracts (like the one for Amazon). I'm a little hesitant because I tend not to have the highest trust for sales rep so I'm thinking of just saving the trouble of reading every little thing during the upgrade process and just wait for a new shipment to Best Buy.

    Has anyone upgraded a phone through ABT Electronics before or could give me a couple things to look out for when purchasing from a authorized retailer?

    It's kind of strange to ask about one individual retailer but ABT Electronics is a huge store. I believe although they have only one location, they do a great deal of business nationwide. It seems they actively compete with Best Buy in the Chicagoland area and are doing very well.

    Also, just in case anyone wants to see what got me so spooked (perhaps more so than I should be...):
    MobileTechReview Forum and News: When Cell Phone Deals are too Good to be True: a RadioShack Horror Story
    11-10-2012 10:18 PM

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