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    I'm looking at getting a new phone in the coming weeks as my contract on my iPhone is almost up. As much as I love the connectivity of it, I've had far too many problems with iPhones going wrong & I don't want to go for a new one. My options for my next upgrade with the correct plan are the Samsung GS3 & the Sony Xperia T. Having done research on the both of them, each appeals to me in it's own way, but I can't quite work out which one I want.
    I'm going to be using the phone mainly for messaging, some calls, web browsing/social networking, & music. I need something which can also last the day with the battery life, though I don't mind charging it every night. I'd also like the sturdier of the two, as I'm quite accident-prone and tend to drop it. This is mostly on carpet, but there have been occasions where I've dropped my iPhone 4 on wood or linoleum. I was wondering if either of these phones have the same kind of resistance that the iPhone's shown? It's the one thing I've been impressed with.
    There aren't too many concerns for me about the GS3's size as, having used my sister's, and having long fingers, I can successfully use it one handed. However, if it's going to be a problem whereby it falls out of my pocket, then it's not a good option for me unless the Sony is a poor choice.
    I'd also like it to be relatively easy to sync my music & such to it. I've already downloaded DoubleTwist & made sure it's compatible with my Mac, and it seems a lovely piece of software to use, so as long as they're both good for media this should be fine.
    Any advice?
    01-08-2013 01:52 PM

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