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    Welcome to the Phone Wars @ Android Central.

    We realized the community needed a place to openly discuss and debate key topics and doing so in forum/device specific areas isn't always a good time and place, often disrupting the threads original intent.

    Like the rest of the forums we expect everyone to follow our Community Rules & Guidelines. We understand due to the nature of open debates & discussion it can get heated from time to time. The Moderation team will practice SOME leniency but it's NOT a green light to disregard the rules and have poor etiquette.

    Give each member the respect they deserve and this can be a wonderful place to hash out and debate the latest devices, hardware, software, UI's and how they match up against each other.

    New threads can only be created by our Moderators or Ambassadors in the Phone Wars forum. If you have a suggestion for a new phone wars thread, please contact myself directly via PM or any one of the Moderators on staff.

    Words of advice : If there is a post that you feel needs Moderator attention please REPORT the post, ignore it and continue onward with the thread topic at hand. Responding to a post in question is never a good idea! Let the Mod team handle it

    Thank you,

    The Android Central Moderation Team.
    04-21-2014 03:16 PM

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