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    I'm sure there are going to be countless posts asking which phone I should get but I would love to hear more opinions based on what I care about most. I have actually played with both phones in the Verizon store and have no idea which one I like better! Here is what is important to me:

    Speediness is important without lag. I don't know if the UI is that important because I am using Nova Launcher on my Razr Maxx now so if I am not happy with Sense or TouchWiz I could always put the Nova Launcher on it. I have read posts where people say the Samsung has a little more lag but I didn't notice that in the store.

    Call quality (on Verizon) is important because I use it for work and make a lot of calls.

    Both screens looked nice to me so that part is not a big issue. I know the speaker is better on the M8 but I don't even use it to just play music through the speakers without headphones or hooking it up to something. I suppose it would be better for making speakerphone calls, but even that I don't do very often and usually have it synced to the Bluetooth in the car. So that is not a dealbreaker.

    The metal housing is nice on the M8 but I will most likely have a case anyways so I don't know how important that is. My last two smartphones have both lasted the full 2 years with screen protectors and a slim case. I know it only takes one time, but I have dropped both of these phones only a couple of times on something other than carpet.

    As far as the camera goes, I am used to my Razr not taking very good pictures indoors or in low light. Outdoors is decent, but I don't ever take pictures of my kids or of something that I will want to keep forever with my phone now because the quality is just not very good. If my new phone has a very good camera, one that is good enough to take pictures that are worth keeping and that doesn't take forever to launch or have a lot of lag, that would be very nice to not have to bring my DSLR around every time we go to the park or to the zoo or something.

    Battery life is important. As long as it lasts a whole day with moderate use I will be happy.

    I am not sure about the storage. While 32GB is nice, does it matter that much since you can use a storage card, or does filling up the internal storage with apps slow it down?

    I think that covers it. Love to hear from people that have similar needs and tried them both out. I will likely visit the store a few more times to play with them before I decide.
    04-23-2014 01:28 PM
  2. LCFC Tom's Avatar
    From reading your needs I would go for M8. Using this thing there is no lag. Phone quality is very good. Also my headphones sound better than before not just the speakers sounding great. The m8 is good at low light and also maacro shots. Sometimes outdoors it blows out the shot. Also remember on kikkat not all the app can be saved on an ad card only part of it and then it's only some apps so if there's not much difference I would get the 32

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    04-25-2014 03:23 PM
  3. LCFC Tom's Avatar
    Also battery life on mine today lasted 19hrs with about 7 hrs screen on

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    04-25-2014 03:24 PM

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