1. terryh215's Avatar
    I'm on Sprint and in a fringe area. Which one would be better reception wise?

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    06-09-2014 03:51 AM
  2. ShoelerDroid's Avatar
    Hard to tell. I'd give the Moto the edge personally, but why not do the try before you buy?

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    06-09-2014 06:30 AM
  3. davidnc's Avatar
    I'm on Sprint and in a fringe area. Which one would be better reception wise?

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    I would be kinda bias to the Moto X since it's what I have.The Motorola's do have good radios and saw you mentioned you was on a fringe area.

    I'm not sure how good the radio is in the N5, since I don't have that device
    06-09-2014 07:53 AM
  4. Bagums's Avatar
    After using both devices on t-mobile and att I found the moto x to get a little better signal and tended to get a stronger signal in areas where I didn't have that great of service.
    06-09-2014 08:32 AM
  5. JeffDenver's Avatar
    Moto phones have better radios. The Moto X will probably hold a signal better...but the Nexus 5 has better hardware in every other way.
    06-09-2014 12:12 PM
  6. sparker04's Avatar
    I read an article that you can try out the moto x for 2 weeks and return it if you don't like it or you can buy it off if you do. I heard great things about the moto x and I'm considering it when it's time for my upgrade.
    06-09-2014 12:17 PM
  7. phonejunky's Avatar
    Definitely Moto X for reception. I live in a very rural mountain area, and my gt has terrible reception on her galaxy note. My Moto X however just pulls in a far better signal. The radios in moto phones are historically better as well.

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    06-11-2014 02:40 AM
  8. Kelly Burby's Avatar
    Well, I think you should get Moto X instead of getting Nexus5, it would be good will almost all of the ........ go for motoX !
    06-11-2014 03:10 AM

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