08-04-2013 05:43 PM
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  1. Andrew Martonik's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-2013-07-30-14.08.12-1.jpg

    Downtown Seattle, taken with the HTC One and edited in the Gallery

    We're getting back into the swing of things with weekly photo contests, and we hope that this will compel more of you to get out there and take some pictures. Practice makes perfect, so let's get to this week's topic.

    This week, the subject is "Traffic". We had you show off your best travel photos a couple of weeks back, and now it's time to show off the best representation of the commute -- be it to work or to that vacation spot. Now we don't condone or encourage that you take pictures while driving, so maybe this will be best handled from the passenger's seat of a car or on the sidewalk if you happen to be making a walk past everyone sitting in gridlock.

    The lucky winner this week will get their hands on an iStabilizer Flex phone tripod and holder.

    Entering is easy. Just drop your entry in a post below. Tell us what Android you used to get the picture, and any back story you want to add to it. We'll pick a winner Tuesday (August 6) night at 11:59 PM ET, and announce them on the blog with next Wednesday's contest.

    • Pictures must be taken with an Android device
    • Pictures must be uploaded to the contest thread. I'm not running all over the Internet to track them down.
    • You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine -- this is art.
    • You must have used a valid email address to register here at AC, so I know how to contact the winner.
    • Only one entry per week per person.

    Good luck, everyone!
    07-30-2013 06:30 PM
  2. emil10001's Avatar
    I've got a few videos from the last week that I shot #throughglass:

    Riding my bike from Google SF to CalTrain (~6m): https://plus.google.com/u/0/11069317...ts/5Y3hob3fe9w

    Commute to work at between 25-30mph on my bike (10s each):

    * https://plus.google.com/u/0/11069317...ts/PGrC8569JUx
    * https://plus.google.com/u/0/11069317...ts/jQnaNXvpbxh

    EDIT: I don't really care about winning, but figured that at least a few people might enjoy the videos that I took with Glass.
    07-30-2013 09:46 PM
  3. millas's Avatar
    Just took this photo yesterday
    Underwater traffic perhaps??
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-uploadfromtaptalk1375234866034.jpg

    It's been raining for the past 2 weeks and this flooded road was the result it was taken with my nexus 4 (HDR)
    If you zoom on enough you'll see the second bridge and the level of the water .
    Hope you guys like it.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
    07-30-2013 09:46 PM
  4. srfox's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-img_20130730_204047.jpg

    From the roof top during a thunderstorm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Though I live in Mexico, I also have a GA, USA address
    07-30-2013 10:04 PM
  5. Kyle535's Avatar
    In Branson, missouri, usa the streets are always packed with traffic. This allows for some pretty amazing pictures though!

    I know its not the clearest picture but it depicts the traffic flow and the majesty that Branson has to offer. Me and my sister were driving my dad and his girlfriend through the streets of Branson. His girlfriend has never been there before. My family however go there every year! We love it there! I would suggest that as a vacationing spot for all ages! I took this picture through the window while it was raining! My dad was drunk in the back seat singing to its raining men haha! We thought it was hilarious because as soon as it started raining, that song came on my sisters iPod! Best trip ever!

    And yes, that's the titanic in the background

    The picture was taken with my sprint photon android phone.
    It was edited by tapatalk editing tools.

    Sent from my STUDIO using Tapatalk Hd
    07-30-2013 10:41 PM
  6. Chriiiiis's Avatar
    Taken by UBC in Vancouver, BC Canada.
    As part of my daily routine for school/work, I decided to drive. Bad idea, I soon found out that road construction had commenced during summer and was stuck for nearly an hour before a miraculous left turn appeared

    Using a Galaxy S3, lightly edited with Snapseed.

    I'm mainly happy because I was able to escape the mayhem by a lucky left turn.

    Good luck everyone!

    07-31-2013 05:05 PM
  7. trickedoutdavid's Avatar
    Here is the traffic from my 19th story apartment (not much of it right now but it gets PACKED)
    I used camera zoom fx to take the picture and then stock gallery to edit. My phone is the galaxy reverb.
    And you guessed it... This is Brooklyn, New York. That's Manhattan in the distance.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-nyc_traffic.jpg
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    07-31-2013 05:14 PM
  8. aszarmack's Avatar
    These little guys caused me to be 5 minutes late to a wedding that I coincidentally was the wedding photographer for. Shot with my HTC One.

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    07-31-2013 05:17 PM
  9. holophoner's Avatar
    Took this about a year ago w/ my HTC Thunderbolt. Have since upgraded to a GS4. Regardless of winning or losing, someone else needed to see typical traffic in Palm Springs, California, where I work. Enjoy!
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-imag0947.jpg  
    07-31-2013 05:26 PM
  10. rpmm70's Avatar

    Device: Galaxy Nexus
    Stock Camera App

    I saw Max on the way to a wedding in LA. Thankfully I was not driving so I was able to get a good picture.
    07-31-2013 05:53 PM
  11. kanyewesttx's Avatar
    crossing the street... 83rd and Amsterdam ave, Manhattan, New York.
    DEVICE: Galaxy S4 stock TW

    07-31-2013 06:33 PM
  12. trojanman's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-imag0184.jpg

    Taken with my HTC One a few weekends ago, no filter applied, auto settings. Sunday evening bumper to bumper traffic in the middle of the desert on the 15 southbound. This was somewhere between Baker and Barstow, CA...at least the sunset wasn't too bad!

    Pretty typical at the end of a summer weekend...all the Southern Californians heading back home from Vegas! Although this weekend was especially brutal...notice the 0 MPH displayed by the speedometer, a normal 3.5-4 hr drive took over 6 hours
    07-31-2013 06:33 PM
  13. mndavo's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-cam00029.jpg
    This photo is taken with LG Optimus L9 in Yerevan, Armenia. I was on my way to meet some friends at the local tavern.
    The photo has not been edited with any software.
    07-31-2013 06:40 PM
  14. moosc's Avatar
    Can I show dead bodies or cattle sprayed across a interstate

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
    07-31-2013 06:48 PM
  15. mssca's Avatar
    Can I show dead bodies or cattle sprayed across a interstate

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
    I am looking forward to see these out of the normal life pic. I hope it is OK with the site admins.
    07-31-2013 07:14 PM
  16. drewman24seven's Avatar
    Galaxy Note 2, HDR Mode, picsart filters.
    Taken in Park City, Ut.Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-picsart_1375313746262.jpg
    07-31-2013 07:48 PM
  17. rvilhena's Avatar

    Taken last week with galaxy s4 and edited in snapseed.
    07-31-2013 07:58 PM
  18. weightycurve's Avatar
    Georgia traffic is awful. This was taken a few weeks ago. Stuck on the Spaghetti Junction at 4pm is hell.

    Photo was taken with my Nexus 4 stock camera. I think HDR was on. No filters used.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using AC Forums mobile app
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-1375316114413.jpg  
    07-31-2013 08:16 PM
  19. Verbs's Avatar
    Midwest, US Country Traffic. Barely moving at 20mph. Horrible!

    Taken last fall with a Galaxy S2.
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-tractorroad.jpg  
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    07-31-2013 08:26 PM
  20. ProofOfPurchase's Avatar
    NYC - Chelsea, Highlines.
    Shot with my Nexus 4 w/ a fish eye lens add-on & HDR mode.

    Today's traffic report - Pretty smooth.
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-img_20130615_145130.jpg  
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    07-31-2013 10:54 PM
  21. Pockets14_1's Avatar
    Truckin his life away in Calgary AB Canada!
    Samsung Galaxy S4, best shot setting
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-20130507_170759_1_bestshot.jpg  
    07-31-2013 11:29 PM
  22. DaEXfactoR's Avatar
    Nexus 4
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-img_20130308_084000_1.jpg  
    07-31-2013 11:44 PM
  23. potbellyjoe's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-photo.jpg
    Traffic? at 7 pm in SoHo (looking south down Greene St) August 2012. HTC Evo 4G
    08-01-2013 12:20 AM
  24. SpecialBrewDaddy's Avatar
    Galaxy S3

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using AC Forums mobile app
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-1375332307354.jpg  
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    08-01-2013 12:45 AM
  25. mcm180's Avatar
    Ok .. so this is even worse than traffic .. a Traffic Stop!!! hehehehe

    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Camera Zoom Fx Camera App (no edit, no filer)
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Traffic-bellafiacars.jpg.jpg  
    08-01-2013 01:08 AM
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