02-04-2014 11:58 PM
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  1. hynden's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-awd.jpg

    Nexus 4.
    Kaş, Turkey.
    01-30-2014 11:22 AM
  2. chsszc's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-2013-08-21-16.23.52.jpg

    Perkins Cove in Ogunquit Maine, Taken with my VZW Galaxy S4
    01-30-2014 11:34 AM
  3. racingbmwm3's Avatar
    Sun reflecting off the water at the beach. Taken with my Rezound, no editing.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-imag2685.jpg
    01-30-2014 11:41 AM
  4. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    Here's a bunch of really cold water here in MN! Taken with the LG G2 and I just removed the license plate number in Google+

    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-water.jpg

    Bonus, look at the gift AutoAwesome gave me.

    Nothing like rubbing it in a little...
    01-30-2014 11:44 AM
  5. bobi49's Avatar
    Taken with my Sprint Galaxy S3's Camera app, and nothing else, in Babylon, NY.Weekly Photo Contest: Water-2014-01-26-14.39.19.jpg
    01-30-2014 11:55 AM
  6. Lance Kenyon's Avatar
    Taken in Disney, OK. While out wheeling in my Jeep. The first picture was taken with Galaxy Camera and is my submission.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-picsplay_1391101282025.jpg
    The second photo made me reach back on my S4 to pull up an old picture from another submission in this thread from Turner Falls. Just wanted to post it up as well. But no need to judge it. Just for your viewing pleasure.
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Water-20130625_123511-picsay.jpg  
    01-30-2014 12:20 PM
  7. brivayla's Avatar
    Splashing through puddles of this all day in CT this time of year! Taken with my HTC one through the window of my truck.
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Water-imag0353.jpg  
    01-30-2014 01:12 PM
  8. CrazyJimbo's Avatar
    Snapped with my Nexus 4 last spring. Stock camera, HDR on and edited in Snapseed.
    01-30-2014 01:12 PM
  9. Speedygi's Avatar

    Taken on my Galaxy S4
    Singapore Science Centre

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
    01-30-2014 01:20 PM
  10. cory107's Avatar
    Here's a unique one. Frozen lake in Northern Minnesota.
    Taken with an HTC One
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-1402447_10201517123511611_1929579680_o.jpg
    lades1234 likes this.
    01-30-2014 01:41 PM
  11. mcm180's Avatar
    A natural pool of water, the man made pool in the back, and the water park attachments. Water, water, water!!

    Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3

    no enhancements, but used CameraZoon Fx camera.
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Water-camerazoom-20130502180310503.jpg  
    01-30-2014 01:44 PM
  12. mechaz's Avatar
    Photo taken with Nexus 5 stock camera app, Cozumel Mexico January 2014 Vacation, my daughter and me
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-1.jpg
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    01-30-2014 01:58 PM
  13. jean15paul's Avatar
    I think my water is broken; it stopped moving!

    This was taking the morning of Janury 30th, 2014 after the 2-day freeze in New Orleans. (The freeze shut the city down; we're not equipped for that stuff down here.) I took it with my Galaxy Nexus and then tweaked the Vibrance and Saturation in the stock Gallery. (I'm definitely enjoying the updated Gallery app.)

    I hope yall enjoy it.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-img_20140130_130437.jpg
    01-30-2014 02:13 PM
  14. mabr82's Avatar

    Taken with my Nexus 5. Basic instagram filter.

    Taken at Chasewater Reservoir and country club, Staffordshire, UK.

    My wife and 1 yr old girl taking a stroll on the boardwalk...


    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
    01-30-2014 02:18 PM
  15. michael taylor4's Avatar
    hi im mike taylor my picture was taken using samsung galaxy camera with no editing good luck all
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-20140102_110903_2.jpg
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    01-30-2014 02:54 PM
  16. LaurenKC's Avatar
    Taken on my recent trip to Honduras with Galaxy Note 3

    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-dscf4601.jpg
    01-30-2014 02:54 PM
  17. n4life's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-img_20140130_174644_20140130200519291a.jpg

    Taken with Nexus5 HDR+ and edit with Pixlr
    Location: Strasbourg (France)
    01-30-2014 02:59 PM
  18. manashetics's Avatar
    View from our cruise somewhere in the Caribbean taken with a Note 3

    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-20131216_225957_richtone-hdr-.jpg
    01-30-2014 03:01 PM
  19. Ryan31124's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-14-1.jpg

    Small stream that runs through my golf course.

    Taken with my LG G2, edited with Pixlr Express
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    01-30-2014 03:13 PM
  20. jimbo's Avatar
    Taken with HTC EVO 4G LTE enhanced with Google + motion.


    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-waterfall.jpg
    01-30-2014 05:34 PM
  21. Skyler Hokkanen's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Water-2014-01-30-08.58.54-1.jpg
    Here's some frozen water in my backyard before we got a bunch of snow.
    Taken with my HTC One and edited with VSCO cam.
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    01-30-2014 05:37 PM
  22. the tall guy's Avatar
    Random but cool photo of me 'dragon ball attacking' my Mum and Wife while on the coast of Whitby in England. We were bored and the weather was rubbish, but I loved using the 'best shot' on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Weekly Photo Contest: Water-20130720_151833_3_bestshot.jpg
    Rishi2100 likes this.
    01-30-2014 05:45 PM
  23. runoninsulin's Avatar
    Tennessee River
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly Photo Contest: Water-img_20131129_163633369_hdr_1_1.jpg  
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    01-30-2014 06:04 PM
  24. 4runner's Avatar

    Taken at Ortley Beach, NJ the summer after Hurricane Sandy with a Galaxy Nexus. All you had to do was turn around to see the devastated boardwalk and houses.

    Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
    01-30-2014 06:21 PM
  25. jimbo's Avatar
    taken with my HTC EVO 4G LTE and enhanched with Google + motion

    Attachment 102811
    01-30-2014 06:30 PM
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