07-30-2014 12:10 AM
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  1. Andrew Martonik's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-weekly-photo-contest-dots.jpg

    Terminal 3 metal. Taken with the HTC One M8

    Circles, holes, dots, whatever you want to call them — they're all over the place, and they often come in patterns and designs that offer a cool opportunity for photos. This week's prompt is "dots," and we're looking for the best photos you can come up with this week that incorporate that idea.

    We're picking out two pictures again this week to win prizes, and each winner will receive an iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Charging Car Mount for their phone.

    Entering is easy. Just drop your entry in a post below. Tell us what Android you used to get the picture, and any back story you want to add to it. We'll pick a winner Tuesday (July 29) night at 11:59 PM ET, and announce them on the blog with next Wednesday's contest.

    • Pictures must be taken with an Android device
    • Pictures must be uploaded to the contest thread. I'm not running all over the Internet to track them down.
    • You have to tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used. Editing your pictures is fine — this is art.
    • Feel free to add a little back story — we want to know how the picture came to be.
    • You must have used a valid email address to register here at AC, so I know how to contact the winner.
    • Only one entry per week per person.

    Good luck, everyone!
    07-23-2014 06:00 PM
  2. Jude Palermo's Avatar
    How do I get involved in this photo contest
    07-23-2014 06:37 PM
  3. Al Bowering's Avatar
    Here we have a macro shot of some LED lighting through a diffusing plate as it dims down. Viewed this close the LED "dots" show an interesting mosaic as the light splits through each of the diffusers facets. Taken with my HTC One S and edited for sharpness and saturation on the computer using FastStone.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-imag1461a.jpg
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    07-23-2014 06:52 PM
  4. ldragon76's Avatar
    I'm going with spheres!

    Taken by my Droid Maxx. Some minor editing through Instagram.

    These are my 3 marimo balls from a previous fish tank. I kept them when I had to tear down the tank.

    Sent from my Droid Maxx via Tapatalk
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    07-23-2014 06:56 PM
  5. paralog's Avatar
    This is a close shot of the metal benches found in Target, was playing around with the camera while I waited. The reflected light is from some advertising board near it.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-perforations.jpg
    - Processed using Snapseed, and shot with a Nexus 4
    07-23-2014 07:08 PM
  6. Dan Rodriguez's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-20140723_180953-2.jpg

    Taken with my LG G3. Cropped with the stock gallery app.
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    07-23-2014 07:37 PM
  7. kaufmansm's Avatar

    Taken with a gs5 in Nags Head, NC
    07-23-2014 08:01 PM
  8. Aweso's Avatar
    This is the space-saving rig I just put together a couple of days ago. Two patterns of circles visible from this shot with my Galaxy Note 3.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-clipboard01.jpg
    07-23-2014 08:46 PM
  9. The_Martin's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_103710.jpg

    Dot pattern on an Asus laptop taken in HDR+ mode on Nexus 5
    07-23-2014 08:47 PM
  10. mrcrusha829's Avatar
    Chaperoned a field trip to the Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. These are some hand made jars that were part of an exhibit. Taken with a Xperia Z1S and no editing.

    Sent from my C6916 using Tapatalk
    07-23-2014 09:31 PM
  11. Paul Rezendes's Avatar
    M8 Google Play Edition up close with the soda had with dinner tonight.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-cola1.png
    07-23-2014 11:30 PM
  12. warrenf's Avatar
    Shot with my S4. No editing, just some treats.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-derby.jpg
    07-23-2014 11:33 PM
  13. Paul Rezendes's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140723_180953~2.jpg 
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    Taken with my LG G3. Cropped with the stock gallery app.
    Dots! I see what you did there!
    07-23-2014 11:35 PM
  14. md308's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-2014-07-23-20.36.55.jpg
    Rain drops on my sunroof. Nexus 5 stock camera.
    07-24-2014 01:42 AM
  15. azetoh's Avatar
    Taken with my Galaxy S4 at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden in March. Edited in Aviary.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140723_112333.jpg
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    07-24-2014 02:31 AM
  16. Huzefa Shakir's Avatar
    Ok, so this is only my second entry into a Weekly Photo Contest.
    I get so excited every time a new contest gets announced and keep thinking about it, but I never participate because I can't come up with something cool enough. But in my defense, I'm a total n00b when it comes to photography.
    I do stalk these forums though and am absolutely amazed by the pictures some readers post. Beautiful stuff. Anyway, this time round the topic was dots and I was determined to take part, so I hunted around my dad's shop and found this perforated cardboard sheet on which we hang little accessories. I set it outside with the light coming from behind and took a shot with the background over-exposed to bring out a nice contrast. Shot using the stock camera app on my Gionee Elife E7, un-edited.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_112156.jpg

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    07-24-2014 02:55 AM
  17. Planterz's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-20140716_002414.jpg

    Mediterranean House Gecko on a vertical surface (from the other side). Taken with Samsung Galaxy Light, no editing.
    07-24-2014 04:09 AM
  18. batsai's Avatar
    The world through HTC's Dot View case. Taken with my HTC One M8- no editing.

    Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    07-24-2014 06:40 AM
  19. batman458's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_094818.jpg
    Taken with nexus 4, edited in the stock editing app.
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    07-24-2014 07:42 AM
  20. Y2Dre's Avatar
    This pic of the floor from one of the cable headends I work at was taken with my HTC One M8 with a negative filter applied simply because I thought it looked cool...

    07-24-2014 07:53 AM
  21. Lucas H's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_084456671_hdr_1.jpg

    A really old Samsung CRT 17' screen i have.
    Shot with a Moto X using HDR, edited using Snapseed.
    07-24-2014 08:30 AM
  22. Sylvain Labelle's Avatar
    A Iced Cone Edit with stock Samsung Editing Software on Galaxy Note 3Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-2014-07-24-08.44.22.jpg
    07-24-2014 08:52 AM
  23. tDotm's Avatar
    Isle of Skye

    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_151311.jpg

    Nexus 5, HDR mode and tweaked a bit in the stock camera app.
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    07-24-2014 09:19 AM
  24. rikardo1979's Avatar
    Just a quick snapshot of my laptop stand which have some nice pattern and I have just realised it now after I started to look for dots cos of this
    Picture is taken with my couple days old OnePlus One with latest CM11S with some basic camera effect.
    So hope you like it
    07-24-2014 09:44 AM
  25. rikardo1979's Avatar
    jut an empty fruit bowl
    Picture is taken with my OnePlus One with latest CM11S with sepia camera effect.
    Weekly Photo Contest: Dots-img_20140724_152518-1-.jpg
    07-24-2014 10:33 AM
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