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    View the app in the Chrome Web Store

    I've released what I think is an awesome Chrome app on the Chrome store, and thought I'd pass the news along to a few people that might be interested.

    It's called Photo Sphere viewer, and it's a way to view the photo spheres that people have taken with their Android phones and shared in their Google account. It uses Google's photo sphere API, has zero permissions, and doesn't track anything in any way -- I'm not even using Google Analytics. It's also touch friendly, with a minimal, modern interface and design.

    It's simple to use, just open the app and enter a persons Google+ email address. Tap or click the button and you'll see a list of their public photo spheres, which you can choose to open in the embedded viewer with a tap or a click.

    It's an open-source project licensed under the GPL 3.0. I also did all the design and coding on a Chromebook Pixel (though I did have to cheat and use a MacBook to grab the demonstration video) using the Text app and the Pixlr Editor app from the Chrome store.

    disclosure: I am the developer of this application, and employed by Mobile Nations.
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    07-14-2013 03:38 AM
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    Great. I'm going to give it a spin, Jerry! Will report back later.

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    07-18-2013 12:25 AM