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    I'm about to go to an old fort, and I want to make photospheres of the area just above the walls.
    I have a tripod mount (a flimsy one, but I'll make it work safely):
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    and will put this on two monopods lashed end-to-end giving me a 4-meter extension. I think I can shoot over the walls with this.

    However, how do I trigger the lens? Ideal would be some screen mirroring app/feature that I can watch my Nexus 7 on my Galaxy Note (4.1.2 SC-05D). Then I can just turn around and adjust till the aiming circles line up. Another idea would be text-to-speech telling me "left 3 degrees", etc.

    Can anyone help me out? Is anyone doing this yet?

    Thank you.

    Edit: I don't have root on any of the devices. I've used the wireless display feature of my Nexus 7 to mirror the screen to a miracast dongle. If I could carry a TV screen with me, I could get a remote view of my Nexus 7's screen, but that is ridiculous. I need an app that turns a phone or second tablet into a wireless display / miracast receiver. ScreenShare, Chromecast/CheapCast, and dlna apps like Bubble UPnP do not mirror the display; they work only for videos and photos and such re-rendering them, not just mirroring/displaying everything on the screen.

    The only other way I can think of to do this with what I have is to use TwitCasting or Ustream installed on my phone pointed to my tablet both mounted on the monopod with the phone broadcasting to another tablet. BUT this would eat through my phone's battery very quickly, and the tripod assembly would be too precarious.

    Edit 2: I got it done, though I'm posting here under a pseudonym so I won't post a link. I didn't use a telescoping monopod at all. It wouldn't have been high enough. I just climbed around till I got the perspective I wanted. The remote photoshere technique does still need working out, I think.

    I also noticed that some of my photospheres are missing their GPS coordinates, or at least that is what the upload to maps error message said: "Panoramas need to be geolocated to be shown on googe maps. ..." I don't see why some caught the GPS while others didn't. I didn't change settings, and there was only light tree cover overhead. We need to be able to review these kinds of settings on photospheres in the field to make sure te upload can happen. I'll try adding a location manually in google plus and then posting it to google maps. download from google plus, upload to panoramio, and add in the coordinates there. Then it will migrate to google maps.

    By the way, panoramio, picasa, and google maps? Google is forcing me to split my photosphere uploads from regular photos. This needs to be rationalized so we can upload all photos to one place and then share them in maps too.
    10-02-2013 02:17 AM

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