1. davidb423's Avatar
    If this is to be a surface competitor, do we think there WILL be an active stylus of some kind for this that just wasn't ready to announce yet?

    The build quality seems very good, but I would need something with an active stylus to consider instead of a surface 4 pro (or whatever Microsoft is going to release this Tuesday)

    I'm glad they are offering a 64 gig version of the tablet, as only offering the nexus 9 with 32 gig max was a huge mistake.

    But since the ipads do now max out at 128 gig, (hell most of the iphones max out at 128 gig) then WHY can't they offer pro tablet for high end use at more than 64 gig, 128 at a minimum? If they hate micro SD cards, they can at least offer more storage. Or but a microsd back in!

    I write this and stare at my galaxy note 5, which is a great phone, but yeah, I would have gotten the 128 gig version if it existed. I have room on my 64 gig version, but given the note was all about excess and high tech, 128 makes more sense. I guess they didn't sell many galaxy s6 at that storage size, but note was also a different kind of customer.
    10-01-2015 08:15 PM
  2. WClark57's Avatar
    I agree with the point on the storage, I was more or less prepared to go without a stylus, I don't get why Samsung is the only one offering this on Android. And don't get me started on Samsung's crappy design decisions--ruinous!

    But the storage is the deal breaker here. I wanted to replace my crappy, and unsupported note 2014 and this looked like a good contender, but without external storage, its just another wannabe. I'm done with Android devices. There's always something inexplicably left out. And no, cloud storage is not going to meet my needs--ever!
    10-07-2015 05:59 PM

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