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    Hello all,

    Having been thrilled with a currently owned Pixelbook, I decided that a detachable form factor would be something I would enjoy and utilize both for work and play.

    I originally ordered an m3 version and the Google keyboard. I soon decided that for my use case, 64gb would not be enough storage, and opted to return the unit for the i5 128gb version.

    I received the i5 unit, and quickly discovered that it had an odd "halo" effect at the bottom center of the screen. It was noticeably brighter in a semi-circle area above the pogo pins. I compared the unit side by side to the Pixelbook, and the screen uniformity of the Pixelbook was spot on; whereas the Pixel Slate was far from uniform.

    Thinking this was just a fluke, I returned the unit and ordered a replacement. The new unit arrived, and it has a darker spot where the screen does not get as bright in the lower right corner. So, two units received within a week of each other both have screen uniformity issues.

    Now, I am wondering if this is somewhat common? What are the odds of 2 units having issues? If I order a third, is it going to exhibit the same sort of issues? Is this an "early run" problem?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems? I really want to like the Pixel Slate, but simply cannot justify spending premium money for a less that premium experience.

    My Pixel Slate Experience-img_20190306_164855.jpg

    My Pixel Slate Experience-img_20190306_164607.jpg

    My Pixel Slate Experience-img_20190306_164917.jpg
    03-06-2019 08:31 AM
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    **UPDATE** I received my 3rd Pixel Slate i5 unit yesterday, and after running it through some tests it does not exhibit any screen uniformity issues.
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    03-09-2019 09:53 AM

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