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    I've been using Comixology to read comics since back in the days of my original Nexus 7 (2012) tablet. I always had to use the zoomed in "guided view" to read on such a small device. I thought that upgrading to a larger Galaxy Tab S2 with a 9.7 inch screen would finally allow me to read full screen comics but most were still to small to read full screen. A couple years ago I upgraded my laptop to a Surface Book 2 and thought, finally I can read full screen comics but Amazon discontinued the Windows Comixology app so I could only use a web browser to read comics with my Surface Book 2.

    In 2019 I replaced my Galaxy Tab S2 with the Tab S6, a much faster device with a slightly larger 10.5 inch screen. Some comics I could read full screen but most were will too small to read at that size. I am still very much happy with my new Galaxy Tab S6, it is a great device and the S-Pen & Book Cover Keyboard make it a great creation device, even if it is still a bit small for my comic book reading needs.

    I had been interested in the Pixel Slate after it was announced but couldn't justify the original price. When it was on sale this past December I talked to the employees at Best Buy, trying to find out if it would run the Comixology app since I knew Chrome OS did have some trouble running some Android apps. The manager at Best Buy said that if I was to purchase it and it did not run the app I wanted, I could return it without a restocking fee, meaning that it would be practically free to try.

    To my surprise, the Core M3 Pixel Slate runs the Comixology app beautifully. Full screen comic books look stunning and feels more natural than using the "guided view" zoomed in function I had used on previous tablets. This is my first Chrome OS device and I had no prior experience with the OS, I find that it is easy to quickly turn on the device to quickly use the browser to do all sorts of daily activities.

    I am not trying to replace my Windows laptop or Android tablet with the Pixel Slate. My laptop is critical for the work I do, editing photos and video. My Android tablet is also a creation/consumption device that is a perfect size to carry with me almost anywhere. The Pixel Slate is a bit too big to carry everywhere with me, but I do find myself turning to it instead of my bulky laptop for taking notes in class as well as one off web browser needs instead of turning on my laptop to look up something quickly.

    The day I purchased my Pixel Slate, I was having second thoughts of paying just over $400 to read digital comic books, as soon as it arrived I was no longer second guessing the purchase. The Pixel Slate is not a replacement for having an Android tablet, but it gives me the larger screen tablet experience that Samsung has not given me. Samsung's Tab S6 is a superior tablet interface and it performs like a dream. The Pixel Slate does beat out the Tab S6 with the desktop interface, Samsung's DeX is not as user friendly as the Chrome OS desktop interface.

    It would be nice if I had a device that could do it all and not have multiple tablets to meet my needs. Maybe someday some company will release a thin/light foldable android tablet that transforms from a 12 inch tablet to something smaller. Until that day, I am happy to have a variety of devices that I can switch between based on my needs.
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    01-13-2020 08:24 AM

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