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    If you use pokemon with CP lower than CP pokemon in the tower for battle, you gain more XP. Sorry, if it was writed before.
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    11-05-2016 03:55 AM
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    Save battery life

    In order to prevent it from eating into tons of battery, tap on the Poké Ball, tap on the settings icon at the top right and then toggle the switch next to Battery Saver.
    I think that only helps on phones with OLED-type displays. For other phones the backlight stays on.
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    12-16-2016 01:23 PM
  3. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    I do what is known as “Candie Farming”. I will spend time at a known nest to just catch a species to build up the candies for it. I may not have one to evolve or power-up at the time but when I do, I will have the candies to do it with. Most times, you will not find a keeper at a nest, only garbage iv’s to trade for candies. But check all the big ones, you never know!

    Example: One park was an Onix nest for the last migration. In 3 days (18 hours) of hunting I gathered over 1,100 candies. That is correct, over 250 of them!!! I have only hatched two and seen a few in the wild so didn’t have a ton of candies on hand. I targeted them and didn’t really catch anything else for that time. Just ran from one to another as they popped up. I might need them for second gen, or maybe just to trade a nice Onix with someone. But chances to get candies for something like that are few and far between, go for it while the getting is good.

    Another Example: One area spawns Dratini, you can get 10 to 25 in an 8-hour day. There are also a ton of Magikarp, Psyducks and Slowpokes there. I will forsake going for max XP to level and concentrate on farming Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke and of course, Dratini candies. I will go until I have enough for a couple Dragonites then hit another nest or spend time gaining XP and wait until I come across a worthy Dratini.

    Bottom line. If you hear of a good nest for a species, head for it and put some time in farming the candies. A good nest, say for Bulbasaur, you should be able to get enough for a Venasaur in a day with enough left to power one up. That is only 32 of them for the evolve. You can use (AND CONTRIBUTE) to Silph road nest atlas. Ask around at parks where others Pokey, they might have heard of one too. I heard of a town where the central area is “infested” with Pidgies. A man I pokey with showed me his bag, he had over 6,000 Pidgie candies! I will be headed there for a few days to farm Pidgie candies. With just over 2,000,000 XP to level, I need to do a lot of evolving.
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    01-16-2017 11:40 AM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    My usage of the game declined heavily over time _ I'm more of a Game Boy/SP/DS fanatic - but I would just try to look anywhere and everywhere for Pokémon. In cabs, walking to work, in parks, etc.
    01-16-2017 11:42 AM
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    Have you seen this yet? Complete this short survey for a chance to get 14,500 Pokécoins for the Pokémon GO app. http://trkur2.com/59886/27081
    01-21-2017 02:14 AM
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    Have you seen this yet? Complete this short survey for a chance to get 14,500 Pokécoins for the Pokémon GO app. http://trkur2.com/59886/27081
    How would "trkur2.com" access your account to add all those pokecoins? Doesn't sound legit to me.
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    01-24-2017 12:48 PM
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    Loan your phone to someone who is frequently moving. Gotta hatch dem eggs!
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    02-02-2017 12:57 AM
  8. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    Iv’s have absolutely nothing to do with a Pokemons’ ability to battle. They only have to do with max CP potential. I captured a wild 0% Dragonite. That is right, 0, 0, 0. It battled every bit as well as another Dragonite of similar CP, the same attacks and an iv of 91. I named them “A” and “B” and had someone else battle with them. They could not tell me which had the lower iv.

    So, if evolving for strictly attackers, go with the highest CP, to save on candies and stardust. If you plan on them as defenders, use the highest CP so they reach their max potential CP.
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    03-22-2017 12:13 PM
  9. Matty's Avatar
    In order to prevent it from eating into tons of battery, tap on the Poké Ball, tap on the settings icon at the top right and then toggle the switch next to Battery Saver.
    So thats why my screen goes black when i tilt the phone down! I was wondering why this was happening haha. #Noob Ive only recently started playing on my personal phone so was looking for battery saving things but when i ticked the box initially i never noticed anything so presumed the Dev just put it in there for giggles to make people be like 'does it do anything?' lol
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    04-14-2017 07:40 AM
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    Say to Nice
    09-24-2017 02:08 PM
  11. Burculk's Avatar
    To save battery I think you can tap Poke Ball
    02-05-2018 10:19 AM
  12. tony_clark01's Avatar

    I was going this trick of How to take down Gyms faster in Pokemon Go game. So i felt like it may be helpful to others. So here is what to do:

    It typically takes three rounds to take down a fully motivated Gym in Pokémon Go. If there's only one defender, that's three battles total. If it's a full six defenders, that's 18 battles. If you attack in groups, usually you all go together and it still takes three rounds or up to 18 battles for everyone.

    If you attack in waves, though, you can get that down to one round each.

    1. Attacker 1 enters the Gym and battles defender 1.
    2. When attacker 1 defeats defender 1, attacker 2 enters and starts battling defender 1.
    3. When attacker 1 defeats defender 2, and attacker 2 defeats defender 1, attacker 3 enters and starts battling defender 1.
    4. When attacker 1 defeats defender 6, they can either stop or jump in and help attacker 3 with defender 4. Either way, by the time attacker 3 is done, the Gym should be done too.

    If you have more than 3 people, you can team up for the waves. Two people can do the first wave, for example. You only ever need three waves, though, because that's usually how many battles you need to take down the Gym.

    You can also focus on taking out one Pokémon at a time, making it less likely other defenders will get notifications and start feeding berries as well.

    1. Attack the first defender.
    2. Drop out.
    3. Attack the first defender a second time.
    4. Drop out.
    5. Attack the first defender a third time.
    6. Drop out.
    7. Make sure the first defender is gone. If not (if someone is remotely feeding it), attack it again. If so, move on to the second defender.
    8. Repeat until all defenders are defeated and the Gym is empty.

    Combine the two methods, and you can wipe out any Gym quickly and effectively.

    Hope it can help you while you are conquering any gym.

    06-28-2018 07:03 AM
  13. wenso smith's Avatar
    Useful Post... thanks for sharing the link...
    03-06-2019 07:08 AM
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