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  1. James Falconer's Avatar
    Are you into Pokemon Go!? (what a dumb question, OF COURSE you are!).

    We want to hear your best tips and tricks right here. Hit that reply button below and enlighten us with your best. GO!
    07-10-2016 01:23 PM
  2. DigitalDK's Avatar
    This is important folks... do not waste stardust early on. Pokemon you catch early on will be nothing in comparison those you catch later on. It's absolutely vital that you save your stardust for late game as you will start catching much higher CP Pokemon as you progress in level since their CP increases with you.

    Also if you decide to spend money you should absolutely buy lucky eggs when you start the game as every new Pokemon you encounter will provide you significantly more XP (1000XP) vs using them when you've caught most of the Pokemon in your immediate area to only get 200XP per.

    Oh, and you can get Pikachu as a starter by walking away from the first three starters four times.
    07-10-2016 04:02 PM
  3. Talderon's Avatar
    Pokemon Go is a battery killer. You can run all over town and barely get playtime before you are looking at a phone that is shutting down from a dead battery.

    There are plenty of places that you can buy battery cases from, but not all devices have one available, if so, this is going to be the best option. If you can't get one, I know that at the AT&T Corporate stores, you can pick up an entire line of Zagg external battery packs from 2000 mAh to almost 20,000 mAh batteries. I went shopping around today and found almost everywhere out of stock on the affordable or reasonably priced batteries leaving the super high-end expensive ones the only ones in stock.

    I found that my wireless carrier (AT&T) had a TON of options in stock and a 6,000 mAh was only $45 (50% discount eligible for Microsoft Employees (thankfully since I bought 3 of them)). They come pre-charged (80% charge on them out of the box) and ready to go. The $45 ones are the Zagg Power Amp 6 models (https://www.amazon.com/ZAGG-Travel-C...cUvbUpU5259360)

    Many power options, but WAY cheaper than brands that are sold at other retailers. I would REALLY shy away from the off-brand ones you find at Walgreens or CVS and the like. Especially if your phone has fast charging capabilities. The Zagg brand will handle up to 2.4 amp rapid charging without heating up. I have an off-brand 5,600 mAh external that heats up pretty badly when I use it on my Note Edge of my wife's S7 Edge.

    I just wanted to warn people out there that not all external battery packs are the same and to make sure you are careful choosing them!
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    07-10-2016 07:45 PM
  4. AdamEndgame's Avatar
    More than one person can fight a gym at a time, so combine with your friends to take out those heavy hitters in your neighbourhood

    When you take a gym and it goes grey, ANYONE can put in a pokemon, there is no freezing period that allows only you or your colour to take it...so that's a thing

    Try and find two Pokestops that are really close together and put a lure on them both with an incense and lucky egg, not only will you get a ton of exp, stardust, and pokemon, but you'll also get a lot of go players to show up...and they are the nicest people I have met so far, one even gave me a battery pack because my phone was dying, and since she was a real estate agent she had gotten it for free so she just gave it to me..SO NICE!!!

    As soon as you get a gym, dont put in your heaviest hitters. When you train gyms so they are a higher level (allowing you to get more pokemons for your team in your gym(1 per player)), you only get ONE pokemon to fight all the pokemon in the gym, so dont make it too hard for yourself or your teammates.

    off to work, more later
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    07-11-2016 04:52 AM
  5. Talderon's Avatar

    You can rename/nickname your Pokemon!!

    Select your Pokeball, then Pokemon from the menu, click a Pokemon to view details, click the Name and POOF! Rename/Nickname!
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    07-11-2016 10:59 AM
  6. Don Serrot's Avatar
    If it's available on your phone you can use app pinning to help make sure you always have instant access to the game while moving from one spot to another. Even if your screen times out the game will come up instead of the lock screen when you turn the screen back on. I like to turn off the music and turn on battery saver so I can just toss my phone into a pocket and listen for the sound of a Pokemon spawning near me.
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    07-11-2016 01:58 PM
  7. Skbd379's Avatar
    I don't understand the training at a gym thing. Am I trying to win? Do I use a scrub Pokémon?
    07-13-2016 02:41 PM
  8. Captain Epic's Avatar
    Hey guys. Just thought I would let you all know I am doing a pokemon go walk through on youtube. Follow me on Twitter @cptep1c to find a link to my YouTube.

    Every pokemon I catch I want my viewers to name the more epic the better.

    I also give out tips, tricks and advice for the up and coming pokemon trainers.

    Hope to speak to you all soon.

    Captain Epic
    07-13-2016 02:54 PM
  9. ScottMGS's Avatar
    I don't understand the training at a gym thing. Am I trying to win? Do I use a scrub Pokémon?
    I use my highest CP pokemon because you don't get XP and the gym doesn't gain prestige unless you beat one or more of the gym's creatures.
    07-13-2016 03:19 PM
  10. jstaylor62's Avatar
    Pokemon Go Marksmanship

    I noticed that I was getting curves when I was not trying to curve the Poke Ball. What I found was that each time I was placing my fingertip onto the Poke Ball, I was putting a very slight spin on it. Not much, but just enough to curve the Poke Ball away from left to the right on a Pidgey. Here is my fix:

    Place your fingertip on the Poke Ball and move it over the target circle of the Pokeman without releasing your fingertip
    Watch the Poke Ball to make sure it stops spinning
    Watch the timing of the target circle as it shrinks
    Move the Poke Ball from the target circle to the bottom of the screen
    Once you have the timing, swipe the motion up to release

    Following these steps, you should see a higher number of Nice and Great shots. Plus, you will feel more comfortable engaging a high CP Pokemon that suddenly spawns on top you.
    07-19-2016 09:02 AM
  11. pedromanga123's Avatar
    Oh dude, it looks so complicated, curve poke ball is better because you get more EXP
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    07-21-2016 08:42 AM
  12. Ghostie_101's Avatar

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    If you want to get in touch with us for future articles regarding the online privacy issue, just let us know.

    The Ghosties at CyberGhost
    07-21-2016 09:53 AM
  13. Talderon's Avatar
    Pokemon Go Marksmanship

    I noticed that I was getting curves when I was not trying to curve the Poke Ball. What I found was that each time I was placing my fingertip onto the Poke Ball, I was putting a very slight spin on it. Not much, but just enough to curve the Poke Ball away from left to the right on a Pidgey. Here is my fix:

    Place your fingertip on the Poke Ball and move it over the target circle of the Pokeman without releasing your fingertip
    Watch the Poke Ball to make sure it stops spinning
    Watch the timing of the target circle as it shrinks
    Move the Poke Ball from the target circle to the bottom of the screen
    Once you have the timing, swipe the motion up to release

    Following these steps, you should see a higher number of Nice and Great shots. Plus, you will feel more comfortable engaging a high CP Pokemon that suddenly spawns on top you.
    Great tips! Thanks!

    One more to add to this. As you get higher level (I am 18 at the moment), you will notice that your target rings are changing colors.

    Green: Pretty Easy
    Yellow: Harder
    Orange: Even Harder
    Red: Really Hard

    What I have found is that when you use a Rasp Berry, you make the Pokemon more friendly. You will see the color of the ring shift more towards the Green spectrum (Orange becomes lighter or even goes Yellow and so forth). Break out a higher level Poke Ball and you will see the same.

    Also, when you catch a Pokemon in a ball and it escapes, I have seen the color shift even more to the Green side of the spectrum.

    Give it a shot and let me know if I am seeing this right or just on crack... ok, maybe not crack but on a Monster Energy Drink High.
    07-27-2016 05:06 PM
  14. Eris de Suzerain's Avatar
    When battling a rival gym, you get to choose six to take on the whole gym. You want to beat everyone to take the prestige down a notch, try to match your choices to the best battle options by type AND cp (instead of just focusing on CP). The lower level pokemon are always the first, so put your lower (but evenly or slightly better) choices first. This will help you defeat the gym and hopefully have a strong one in your hand that doesn't need to be healed before placing them (gym poachers can come and steal your score with that delay). You have to wipe out the whole gym the same number of times as there are defenders (unless you have friends battling simultaneously) - so 4 defenders can mean 4 full battle sessions before you can claim the place. If you CAN'T take them all down that many times, at least knock them down a peg or two.

    If you can't place your defender in a friendly gym you can battle until it gets enough prestige to open a new spot. This can be terribly time consuming if there is a long way to go. You only get one pokemon for friendly training battles, so choose your higher level players there. And have healing potions on hand.

    If you are watching your screen when someone else takes down a gym, you get to see smoke and flames before it folds up and then unfolds into the new team colors - kind of dramatic.

    Don't forget to toss Razz Berries at the feisty ones you REALLY want to catch, and use your Great Balls sparingly (I stupidly lobbed a few at a fussy Pidgey). They are nice to have on hand when something special comes along.
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    07-29-2016 06:50 PM
  15. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    When you get Ultra balls, at level 20 I think. Use them sparingly! I’m on 22 and have not gotten any more for leveling. You can get a few at stops, but they are hard to come by.

    I met a fellow who was on level 28. He told me he never received any from leveling. He did say, at 25 I believe, you get TWO potions that will revive anything back to original health. You only get the TWO of them and he has never seen them at stops. Save them until you really need them.

    Chatted with a couple at one park with lots of stops in it. She had incense out and the stops had lures. She was getting much different pokeymon than the rest of us. They were not even on our Nearby screen. Apparently, according to them, the incense attracts different ones to you, for having the incense. They still saw all the others we did also. I have not tried this one so take it for what is worth.

    Some stops give out different items on different days. There is only one nearby to us and I go just about every day, throw out a lure and walk the parking lot. Some days you will get a lot of raspberries, some days Great Balls, some day eggs, others potions or revives. If I get a couple great or ultra balls, I’ll hang out a little longer and catch piddgies and rats while waiting for the stop.

    We all know different PokeyMon spawn in different areas. We seem to have little but Pidgies, Rattatas, Spearows and Eevees. Our rural location is not a mecca by any means. We can get the occasional different one but nothing too exciting. If you are starting out and have this, catch all you can and save candies for later. As pointed out above, the higher level you are the better your evolves will be. Still trade them in and then evolve what you can, with a lucky egg, to gain XP and level faster. I wait until I can evolve 30 or more before doing it. Count candies and save two extra’s to evolve. If you still have time on the egg you can transfer some and evolve another on your egg. Sometimes you end up with more candies than you have PokeyMon to evolve. For us not an issue, more can be found in the next few days.

    Those 10 and 20 CP Pidgies will all but disappear and be replaced by 200 or 300+ ones. I throw regular balls at them. I’m finding sometimes one ball will catch a higher CP one. Sometimes they escape 3 or 4 times before I get them or they run away. I save great and ultra balls for traveling to exciting stops. Regular balls can easily be had, the other ones have to be found at stops.

    Clear your storage before going to an exciting park!!! Trade in all you can to leave enough space to fill it again. Same with your items. Clear out what you are not using as you will fill up again pretty fast. We go to one park where we can get three stops at once. In more than one location also. Pretty exciting for us. There are always three lures out at once and we can add one if it is vacant. Nothing worse than sitting, using up battery to transfer a bunch that you should have done at home while plugged in. I will actually trade in all but one of some. Say Pidgies. I may have 112 candies but will clear it out to where I only have one Pidgie. I can catch more at home before evolving and want that space for exciting critters we can’t get here.
    Have fun catching!
    08-07-2016 01:38 PM
  16. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    I was incorrect (or actually was told incorrectly) about receiving Ultra balls. I just went to 24 and received 10, 15 or 20 of them. The old memory fails me at times, sorry. On lvl 23 I was receiving more of them at stops. Not tons of them, but more than before. I walk in one park with 4 stops I can make in a 5-minute cycle. There is nothing to catch so it is a great stock-up spot. An hour walking there and I can hit a better place and be ready to go.
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    08-11-2016 06:15 AM
  17. NickiBobby's Avatar
    08-11-2016 10:09 PM
  18. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    I have a retraction to make on a previous post. I was misinformed, sorry.

    I reached lvl 25 (YEAH!) a few days ago and you CAN get the Max Potions at stops. They are about as common as Ultra Balls. You also receive 20 of them for leveling, not 2 as I posted. I apologize for passing on bad word of mouth information.

    As an FYI: I evolved a 171 Magikarp and it turned into an 1,861 Gyrados. It is level 25 (iv 79.9) and it maxed out at CP 1,972, HP 138. I was also misinformed, again listening to a “pro”, that it would max out at 2,500 at level 25 with a final max of 3,500 *IF* I get to lvl 30.

    I also had two Eevees nicknamed Pyro and Sparky. They both automatically evolved when I leveled into Flareon (lvl 17, iv 82.2, Max CP of 1132) and Jolteon (lvl 22, iv 79.9, max CP of 1345) with their nicknames still attached. Candies were taken away for the auto-evolves. I do not remember their original CP’s, mid 500’s most likely. Nothing else appeared to auto-evolve.
    08-16-2016 08:11 AM
  19. Amna Amin's Avatar
    great game for kids ..
    08-17-2016 09:33 AM
  20. mz7590's Avatar
    probably the best tip thaat has saved me tons of times! Hope it helps you guys as well!

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    08-17-2016 09:50 AM
  21. VidFaza1's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing tips and triks Pokemon Go this here ...
    08-20-2016 02:46 AM
  22. BasPilot's Avatar
    Eevee evolves, if you have an Eevee you are going to evolve, you can force it into one of three evolve forms. That is Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. They are Water, Electric, and Fire respectively. To do this, you rename your Eevee "Rainer", "Sparky", and "Pyro" also respectively. These guys power up with Eevee candies. Understand this: You can only force evolve into each form ONE TIME. That means you can force evolve into one of each. So, that would be something to consider. It doesn't matter if you have one of the three forms, just one force of each type.

    The FASTEST way to gain XP is a very important trick. Totally legit. I don't cheat, not that guy. If you save your evolves and do them a bunch at a time you can get 500 xp per evolve. Now here's the trick. Gather a bunch of them, around 30 to 40, and set off a lucky egg, which doubles your XP for 30 minutes, and do all your evolving in that time frame. This will make each evolve worth 1000 xp. Also, if you happen to evolve into a NEW form that you haven't seen yet, that gives you another 500 XP, doubling to 1000 XP. So, evolving a new form is 2000 XP per evolve. My kids and I call it an Evolve Party. You can get a level or two early in your levels and in the teens you'll certainly gain a level until your late teens. It takes 30 seconds to evolve and just a little longer if it is a new one, so you can theoretically get 60 evolves in a single egg... but that ain't actually happening, trust me.

    The best to evolve are Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie all only require 12 candies to evolve. Each catch gives you 3 candies plus the pokemon, if you turn it in to the professor you get another, so every 3 catches of these guys is an evolve.

    Final evolve part tip is, set up which ones you want to evolve, and star them so they are on top of you list, if you sort by star, so that you don't have to dig for them wasting precious time.
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    08-22-2016 04:03 PM
  23. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    I did the mass evolves also and got 47 to 49 per egg. I went out every 5 evolves in case the game locked up on me. I lost a bunch of XP… Once.

    I now do them as I am out and about, when using a lucky egg. Even with three lured stops within range, there can be slack times. I will do a few and even if I get an alert that something popped up, there is still time to do another and transfer them before it disappears. You can tell if it is something common to the area or something interesting by the reactions of folks around you.

    I don’t fill my bag up with any pokeymon while waiting for enough candies to evolve one. I see no reason to have 10 of something if I only have enough candies to evolve one or two. I transfer them as I capture them. This leaves me enough space (without buying more) to save all the ones I might want to evolve to save and check their stats that night. I then ‘favorite’ the better ones, arrange ‘A to Z’ and check to make sure I save at least one of each species before deleting the lower power ones.

    For the ones I want to use in gyms, I save two of a species. One to battle with and my best one to toss in the gym. I paused to revive one and three others claim jumped and put crap ones into a gym I just took over… Once. I mean come on now, a 184 Weedle instead of nice Dragonite?
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    08-25-2016 07:57 AM
  24. Zach Trandum's Avatar
    I'm kicking myself now for not taking this advice when I started! Damnit Jim!!!
    08-26-2016 05:29 PM
  25. wwwoodchuck's Avatar
    I have a recent tip for catching. With the latest bug making critters hard to catch, I was told one that really helped. I go to one spot that has 4 or 5 Abras in a few hours. I was throwing Ultraballs at 200 CP Abras and they would escape and run after their first catch! This is with a raspberry also. Tried regular balls and great balls too, same results. Frustrating to say the least.

    If I use a great ball, give it a sparkle spin and hit it, I almost always capture them. Regular and ultra do not capture them, even with the spin. I have used this technique on others I want to save, same results. Yes, some will still run or escape but the capture rate is significantly higher. Regular and ultra balls with the spin have a good capture rate but with great balls it is much higher. Besides, who had a ton of ultra balls to waste!
    08-28-2016 08:26 AM
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