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    To be honest, I'm not all that interested in Pokemon Go, as I'm not much of a mobile game person. However, my sister has really wanted me to try the game and play with her and her husband. Thing is, I use a Lumia 950, so I obviously can't get the game on there.

    The initial solution was for me to use my brother-in-law's Galaxy S4, tether it to my 950, and go forth in that manner. However, upon setting up the phone (and a Google account...) and installing the app, it continuously gave a GPS error. This was despite numerous settings changes, including having the GPS on High Accuracy, GPS-only, and data-only (WiFi/cellular). I also attempted tethering it to my 950 via WiFi (though not Bluetooth, which this game seems uninterested in), and I tried having it on a strong, local WiFi connection. In every case, I was unable to get it to find a GPS signal.

    The GS4 is on Verizon, my 950 is on AT&T. I can't just swap the SIM in. Android complains every time I power on the phone that I will not be able to do some stuff without a SIM card, but I've got no clue the extent to which that takes effect (just no cellular stuff, or does android/Samsung restrict it even further?). So, does anyone have an idea if you can do what I'm attempting, tethering the phone as a WiFi-only device? Would I need to get the GS4 unlocked from Verizon, or even root it, to get it to cooperate? Would getting the phone unlocked let me throw in the AT&T SIM (I can't remember the band setups on those things, is it a universal radio?)?
    07-14-2016 07:27 PM

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