1. AC Question's Avatar
    I can screenshot but can't find other photos taken during capture.
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    07-17-2016 03:52 AM
  2. Kalli C's Avatar
    I had this issue too. I found mine by going to Settings>Storage and USB>Images>and there was a folder for PokemonGo. I suspect there should be a slightly easier way to get to them, so if anyone finds one, please share! in the meantime, this should at least work for now!
    07-25-2016 09:19 PM
  3. r13211's Avatar
    I was struggling with the same problem and surprised that there wasn't a readily available answer...but finally got this figured out--at least for me anyway, and suspect it may be your problem as well. When setting up the application, I declined most of the accesses requested, and later found that things don't quite work as they should. For example, the AR capability obviously needs access to the camera. Well, turns out that to store pictures, it also needs access to "Storage". Go to Settings/Applications/Application Manager/Pokemon Go/Permissions. Turn on Storage...mine was off and that was what kept pics from being stored. With that turned on (along with Camera & Location), then it works great--in AR mode, press the camera icon and then the round button to capture the scene. Pics show up in the Gallery under a PokemonGo folder.

    Hope that helps! :^)
    07-26-2016 04:12 AM
  4. noone606's Avatar
    Has anyone actually found a fix for this or has niantic completely dropped the ball
    09-26-2018 10:22 PM
  5. Lucy Davies's Avatar
    My AR pictures where not saving at all which really annoyed me so after countless emails & messages to Niantic support on twitter they rolled out a new update which fixed this issue & now my AR pictures save. They even mentioned on twitter that the update fixes it.
    10-04-2018 07:17 PM
  6. Evil Angelus's Avatar
    A small correction to r12311's answer: the instructions for getting to the application permissions settings varies by phone because it's different on mine than on theirs.
    I have a Google Pixel XL and the instructions are as follows:
    Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > App Permissions > Storage
    There is also a short-cut.
    in Apps & Notifications under 'recently opened apps' at the top of the page you can tap Pokemon Go then 'Permissions'.
    Otherwise, their answer is accurate.

    Pokemon Go needs permission to use your storage because it saves photos taken with the in-game camera to a 'Pokemon Go' folder in your phone's gallery.
    Ergo those whose photos aren't saving should check their Pokemon Go permissions.
    10-30-2018 01:02 AM

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