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    Hey guys! I know this will only be relevant to a few of you, but I'm hoping to kick off a few community-sourced city guides for Pokémon Go spawning nests. I'm going to be putting one together for my hometown, Ottawa, Ontario, but if you'd like to do one for your city, lemmie know, and we can make sure your thread gets the right visibility and support from the Mobile Nations community managers. If we get enough of them, maybe we can do a roundup on the blog!

    Doing this is tricky, since a lot of people have relied on the Pokémon API, and with spawning locations changing, it's hard to figure out how much of that data is old or new, but I'm gonna do my best here. What I'm pulling from here is recent, anecdotally-confirmed spots on Reddit and Facebook. I'm personally verifying the stops I can, and will update this if I notice something becomes inaccurate. I'm also popping in links to maps so you can find these places. Hopefully this can be a handy resource for locals and visitors alike.

    Specific to Ottawa, this map has been a pretty interesting resource that I would like to explore further. It's based on scraped data though, so take that as you will.

    Best Pokémon Go Nests in Ottawa

    Confederation Park - Onix, Omanyte, Hitmonchan
    **** Bell Park - Chansey, Lickitung, Vulpix, Onix, Omastar, Golem, Hitmonchan, Porygon, Raichu, Exeggcute, Pikachu

    Greenboro station - Raichu
    Stinson Park - Scyther
    Mowat Park - Magnemite
    Centrepointe - Nidoran
    Mooney's Bay - Exeggcute
    Parliament Hill - Mankey
    Varley Park - Magmar
    Buff Park - Machop
    St. Laurent Centre - Bulbasaur
    Canadian Science and Technology Museum - Abras
    Carleton University - Magikarp
    Tom Brown Arena - Ekans
    Millennium Park - Vulpix
    Jack Pine Trail - Growlithe, Vulpix
    Beaver Trail - Vulpix / Growlithe
    Walkley Albion Park - Machop
    Landsdowne Park (baseball fields) - Scyther
    Parkdale Park - Koffing
    Dominion Arboretum - Dratini, Tangela
    Nanny Goat Hill Community Garden - Electrabuzz
    Westboro Kiwanis Park - Bulbasaur
    Takaki Rainbow House - Magneton, Wartortle, Seaking, Weepinbell, Rhydon, Meowth, Porygon, Tauros, Exeggcute
    Ghosh Park - Charmander
    Byward Market - Porygon
    Bordeleau Park - Onix
    National Gallery of Canada - Lickitung
    Lincoln Fields Station - Porygon
    Bayshore Shopping Centre - Onix
    Ben Franklin Park - Bulbasaur
    Supreme Court - Aerodactal
    Major's Hill Park - Squirtle, Blastoise

    If you guys have thoughts on formatting guides like this, or have any extra local data to contribute (confirmation or new finds), shout out!

    Will be updating again to break this down by neighborhood, and color-code Pokémon based on rarity, and link to their detailed info to somewhere for reference.
    08-11-2016 02:33 PM

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