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    So I'd been playing Pokemon Go a lot, but then I started getting the "GPS not found" error all the time, it just kept popping up and going away and then popping up again. Anyway, the app still worked so I ignored it. But then I tried to use Google Maps to get somewhere and it doesn't work because it says "searching for GPS." I've also tried using Waze and I get a similar error.

    So basically my GPS stopped working after playing Pokemon Go. The satellite icon appears when I try to use these apps but the phone seems unable to figure out my location.

    Some info.:
    HTC One M7
    Android 5.0.2
    WiFi and mobile data are both on & I have good coverage (4G works)
    Yes i've tried rebooting the phone
    Map apps worked no problem before

    08-27-2016 11:01 PM

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