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    AC Members,

    The Moderators of Android Central would like to take a moment to remind you that while this is a political sub forum of an Android forum we do expect that the normal rules and guidelines will be observed & followed. Forum Rules & Guidelines

    We expect everyone to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and not allow debates and discussion (often difficult, we know) to get out of control and personal against another member. This includes personal insults, attacks, abusive-inappropriate language and baiting trolls/trolling.

    We want you to have your voice and enjoy the forums as much as possible. In the event you feel a post or member needs Moderator attention please use the report post button "little triangle upper right hand corner of the post" and available via sub menu on Tapatalk/AC app to alert the Moderating staff and we can handle appropriately if needed.

    Remember best course of action is to ignore a post & report it rather than taking action by responding in the thread.

    Also, as a reminder, any thread that the Moderator team deems inappropriate, troll and/or flame baiting, or for any other reason not stated can and will be closed at our discretion.

    Thank you.
    Android Central Moderating Team.
    01-30-2013 06:08 PM

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