10-16-2020 07:07 PM
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  1. Logan Inkd's Avatar
    08-03-2020 08:28 AM
  2. Thinair1911's Avatar
    If it can be grown it should not be illegal. If it is being given or sold to children then we have something to talk about. What an adult grows and or consumes is up to that individual.
    09-21-2020 11:42 AM
  3. Evilguppy's Avatar
    I might get the jargon wrong, English is my 2nd language, but as a medical user, HELL YEAH, legalize or decriminalize it, I don't care, whatever it takes to keep my access to it. I have several physical and psychological issues that will never go away and I do find relief in it. Also I see no issues with using it recreationally especially considering our approach to alcohol and big pharma drugs. But whether it is legalized or decriminalized I do wish that the response to public use will be the same for everyone regardless of race, gender, or economic background. Because right now, when someone gets arrested or charged for cannabis offenses, the minorities always get it worse than white people.
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    10-16-2020 07:07 PM
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